What technologies await us in the future smartphones

The modern industry of smartphones is constantly changing and ideas about “the perfect smartphone” is changing along with it. After experimenting with the “bangs” and “stripes” along the edges of the screen, we finally entering the era of fully frameless devices. Only here on these devices still have a “hole” in the screen. But what if we tell you that soon it will not. As well as that will disappear from smartphones and other openings like the charging port. With full functionality, of course. Don’t believe? In vain, because the company Meizu and Vivo hinted at the announcement of a fully monolithic smartphone.

Setting aside all the marketing gimmicks, we can safely say that this idea is actually very interesting and applies not only to the openings for camera and charging port. Meizu, for example, is planning to release a smartphone that does not have a headphone Jack (but this is something we have become accustomed to), and speakers. Moreover, over the same gadget works and Vivo (probably this mysterious Apex 2019). The company even released a short teaser of the device.

This approach, in fact, can have many benefits. First, it can provide a better dust – and waterproofing that make the smartphone more resistant to external factors. In addition (unless, of course, this technology is finally ready), you will be able to fully use the phone while wireless charging. Developments in the field of remote charging being the first year and the only question is who will be the first player in this field. On the other hand we have a decrease of maintainability of the device. If such a smartphone that will happen remains to hope only on the manufacturer’s warranty.

But it will be gone selfie-camera? Design retractable in the manner of Mix Mi 3 and Honor Magic 2 does not fit into the concept of the monolithic body. And here we suggests one conclusion — the camera built into the display. Again fantastic? And here and there. During the announcement of “leaky” smartphone last year, Samsung showed several design options — Infinity, U, Infinity-Infinity V and-O. But the very same South Korean company mentioned that they have a “trump card” — display “New Infinity”, with no opening at all. Do not forget that Samsung has long been working on flexible displays.

“In the coming years we expect to see drastic changes in the form factor of smartphones. From folding to turn off the phone. We at Samsung are ready to go ahead and to offer its users a new experience from the use of mobile devices.” — said the Vice-President and head of Department of development of mobile units Samsung Hark-sang Kim.

But whatever the future, we will be faced with a wide variety of phones in the near future. Asian companies are flirting with a variety of ideas in terms of mobile technology. 2019 promises to be very interesting and eventful for all who follow the mobile sphere. A flexible device, the fingerprint scanners built into the screen, small holes in the display, frameless and monolithic smartphones. With so many innovations and speed of technology even it is terrible to imagine what awaits us next year.

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