What should I do if camera is not focused

If you are reading this, then most likely, your smartphone is not just at the most inopportune time of the shooting suddenly refused to focus. This trouble can touch both the primary and sefly camera, but worst of all, if this issue has been both cameras. Even in this case you should not worry much as we have and this case is a solution that will help solve the problem for most users.

The problem is when the camera suddenly stops to catch the focus catches up with me occasionally, and not rarely at the right time. At some point I thought about the fact that every problem must be a decision, and then surfed the Internet for a solution mine, as it turned out, is not unique to the problem – this happens regularly and not only on Android but also on iOS.

One of the authors from the resource phoneArena similar problem with my focus appeared on Samsung Galaxy S10, but he also notes that it in no way means that the problem extends to the entire line of Galaxy S and not for smartphones from other manufacturers. This author have dealt with a similar problem, but on other smartphones, like the iPhone 6, Huawei P10 and Galaxy S8.

If you have already searched the Internet for solutions to similar problems with focusing, you have probably come across the advice that you need to restart the phone, force quit the camera app by unloading it from memory, clean cache and so on. However, because this issue is likely tied to the hardware device, in this material we decided to skip such “solutions”, but you can still follow these tips, as they, too, can help.

How to fix a smartphone camera that refuses to focus

The camera can be focused by changing the distance between lens and sensor. In your smartphone there are a set of tiny lenses that move back and forth, changing the location to penetrating through the lens of the light falling on the sensor that determines what is in focus and what is not. Not worth it to dwell on it and try to understand, just all you need to get out of this, is that in your smartphone is tiny moving parts, and sometimes they get stuck.

After you have tried all basic methods for elimination of unpleasant problems, such as force-closing the camera app and then upload it from memory, run it again and find setting manual focus. Now try to move the slider left and right to see if it changes the focus. Probably not, but try still stands.

Now that you’ve tried everything else, it’s time for a very simple, but no less effective, method. Flip the phone over and tap your finger on the camera. Seriously, just knock on the camera. In most cases this should help the camera to focus again. If that doesn’t work, try shake your phone or much to knock them in the palm of your hand. The fact that you twist and knock on your dear smartphone palm, it may seem strange, but do not dwell on this, as it can really help, and sometimes that is the only way out of this unpleasant situation.

What is causing the problem and should I be concerned

Causes of focusing problems can be quite different. As I wrote above, sometimes it is due to the fact that small and movable elements of your smartphone’s camera just get stuck. Sometimes this may contribute to the ingestion of a smartphone of some small particles or moisture. It all depends on how carefully you use your device. If you treat your phone very carefully and can’t really understand what was going on and why the camera may not work properly, follow the advice in this article. And if that doesn’t help, then you the road to a service center, but please be sure only authorized.

Have you ever faced similar problem? If so, how did you manage to solve it?

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