What should be the perfect MacBook?

MacBook Pro

Almost every fall, Apple holds two of the presentation. The first tradition is dedicated to the smartphone and the watch, and the second group focuses on tablets and laptops. The new iPhone have already passed the stage of announcement and went on sale — it’s time for an updated iPad and MacBook. The company has already confirmed that the second autumn and the presentation will be held on October 30 and will be streamed online — it will probably be devoted to them. In honor of this edition of Digital Trends, shared his opinions on what should be a new MacBook to attract the attention of buyers.

Cheap MacBook

When it comes to Apple technology, all becomes clear — we are talking about expensive devices. The cost of laptops of the company reaches several thousands of dollars, so people are happy, even a discount rate of 200-300 dollars.

What line of MacBooks will be updated is still unknown. If the cost of the novelties will be about $ 1,000, they are available even for students that will certainly increase the number of sales.

iOS app in macOS

Apple has repeatedly stated that he is not going to combine mobile and desktop operating systems. Despite this, the developers are not opposed to the iOS application was available on desktop computers.

At the conference WWDC 2018 , the company introduced tools for quick porting iOS apps on macOS. She started with the migration of standard applications like Apple News and Stocks and has promised to expand the list. If macOS will be popular, but previously unavailable services, it will also attract buyers.

Lightweight and slim case

Longtime Apple fans will remember how in 2008, Steve jobs pulled the MacBook Air out of thin envelope. At the moment, laptops are not the thinnest on the market, so if the engineers will work on the thickness of the novelties will surely gain more popularity.

Thickness actual for the year 2018, the MacBook Air is 1.7 mm. the Company has the ability to reduce the thickness of its body just by replacing the USB Type-A to USB Type-C. Also it can use the new processors from Intel, does not require the installation of bulky cooling system.

Long autonomy

The autonomy of the MacBook Air on a single charge is about 12 hours. This figure has not changed over the years, so these laptops like the HP Spectre x360 is in this respect markedly surpassed Apple devices.

Thus, increasing the duration of work can also have a positive impact on sales. You can do this in at least two ways: by installing a more powerful battery or by using energy-efficient processors.

And what is it — the MacBook of your dreams? Your answer can be left in the comments or our Telegram chat.

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