What secret feature eavesdropping on conversations Live Listen in the headphones Apple TV?

Granted headphones Apple wireless AirPods its users a new feature called Live Listen, which appeared with the version operating system iOS 12 the latter, but despite the great interest provided by this feature for the hearing impaired, but she was using wasn’t designed for it from the beginning, which act on the surrounding conversations, that’s what make the feedback direction of the track.

According to Apple, you can use the headphones AirPods to improve the iPhone and iPod touch وAirPod touch to a loudspeaker sends sounds to the headphones AirPods.

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The website states that “a property to Live Listen to help you listen to the conversation in a noisy environment, or even listening to someone talking on the other side of the room”.

It has been designed this feature primarily to benefit the hearing impaired. However, some users mentioned on Twitter وReddit it also means that Apple users can listen to the conversation taking place in another room as long as the phone iPhone their own present in that room, and they have the AirPods, and feature Live Listen activated.

Wrote one person on Twitter: “if you have the AirPods you can press the button “activate” for the”Live Listen”, and leave your phone in the room with someone, you will be able to listen to what they say. Thank me later”.

Once you turn on the speaker, can control the extent of its sensitivity to pick up sounds more or less.

Clean the water the user will need to move to the menu “Control Center” under “Application Settings”, then click the “Customize Controls”, then click the “+” sign adjacent to the icon the sky to add to the “Control Center”.

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