What problems can lead to a bent iPad Pro

At the end of October last year, Apple showed us an updated generation iPad Pro. As it turned out, the slim body of the tablet was subject to bending, and this defect could manifest itself not only in use, but even on a completely new device. Apple representatives said that this cosmetic flaw can not be considered a marriage. But the story continued — it became known today that the rough housing might even be cause for denial of warranty.

One of the readers of MacWorld are faced with the problem — it iPad Pro reloaded. It was decided to contact the Apple Store. Next story will continue in the first person.

My iPad Pro has always been used very carefully and gently — he was always in a protective case. What’s more — he never left the confines of my house. I thought this way I can avoid any problems.

It turned out that no. Shortly after purchase, my tablet started to reboot and hang. Without thinking, I decided to take the device to Apple Store. The Genius Bar employee took my device, but then delivered a shocking verdict: your device is out of warranty. Why? The thing is that my device is bent. According to the worker, the physical damage is not covered by the standard Apple warranty. To my surprise there was no limit. I decided to try a second time — this time in another Apple Store. Alas, the situation has completely repeated.

Thus I lost the possibility of warranty repair due to the fault of the manufacturer. I am confident that this “cosmetic” defect was in a completely new device.

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