What prevents the growth of Bitcoin? Representative answer Coinshares

Judging by the mood in cryptosuite, the market moved into a phase of “capitulation”. Due to the recent draining of the Bitcoin lost more than 10 percent of its value and fell below important support lines in the area of $ 6000. What impact these events had on the long-term prospects of the industry? In his last interview the situation said chief strategist Coinshares Meltem Demiros.

What scared investors in Bitcoin

Main question — will this cause any recent draining a heavy blow for the ten largest cryptocurrency in the long run? The day before yesterday scriptactive fell below their annual lows, so the bottom has almost no serious support levels.

All ten projects are only at the beginning of its development. Remember the year 2000. After the bubble burst shares many of the companies fell by 75 percent, and long enough did not grow. Some of these firms even left the market forever.

However, the expert has the right tool for “testing”. According to her, in a bubble of cryptocurrencies will survive only the earliest projects.

The pioneers in the stock market definitely has its advantages. I think that’s why Bitcoin remains the most secure investment in the industry.

We will remind, during the last fall in the trading volume of Bitcoin has grown almost twice. Demiros claims that this figure may be even higher.

Difficult to determine the exact number of bitcoins participating in the auction. There are many OTC transactions are not taken into account in the display on Coinmarketcap volume.

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In the end the analyst suggested about the reasons for the fall. According to her, players in the market, and both large and ordinary investors are now confused. A steady growth of Bitcoin prevents fear of the new, the unexpected drain.

Today, the coin is trading at 5600 dollars is 2 percent more than yesterday’s results. The share of the first cryptocurrency 52.8 percent of the market.


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