What part of the world population bought cryptocurrency until 2019?

Experts on cyber security from the Moscow-based firm Kaspersky Lab conducted a survey. As the results, 19 percent of all people in the world when we have bought the cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency the survey was conducted in October and November of 2018 and in total covered 13434 respondents from 22 countries.

If deeper you go into the details, of the 10 percent of survey participants responded that “well versed in how crypto-currencies”.

However, only 14 percent of those who never interacted with cryptocurrencies, expressed the desire to do so in the future.

The key findings of The Report Kaspersky Cryptocurrency 2019. Source: Kaspersky Labs

Among the main reasons why investors around the world will no longer use the cryptocurrency, the majority of respondents cited “too high volatility”. That is, before they are ready to come into this space, you will need to achieve greater price stability on kaptarenko.

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Volatility factor is negative the reason for the 31 percent of respondents. Among other reasons, many singled out the fact of losing money on a protracted bear market. In addition, some participants have ceased to believe in the profitability of cryptocurrency. These categories accounted for 23 percent of the responses.

22 percent of respondents stopped to use the cryptocurrency due to the fact that they are not secured by real assets. Hacker attacks and vulnerability was not the biggest disappointment of cryptomonadales around the world — to these causes indicated 19 and 15 percent of respondents, respectively.

The reasons why people stopped using cryptocurrencies. Source: Kaspersky Labs

As noted by the team of Kaspersky, the adoption of kriptonyte among users around the world is slowing down due to the lack of proper understanding of the nature and mechanisms of this technology.

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