What Nokia lacked all this time

Nokia 9 PureView is the long-awaited success HMD Global. Even before the smartphone from trying to regain the market position of the Finnish brand was on sale, he has already fulfilled his destiny and became one of the most memorable smartphones of the exhibition MWC 2019. After the incredible X Huawei Mate and Galaxy Fold, Nokia 9 PureView was probably the most interesting smartphone mobile world Congress, so his task he performed.

Let’s go back a couple of years ago and remember that while the giant Global HMD revived the nearly deceased, but dearly loved by the people, the brand Nokia. Since then, the company has released a number of devices secondary and primary price segments. It was mostly good devices (like the Nokia 8.1), but agree, it somehow does not inspire confidence when your most memorable device is similar to banana phone for $ 100.

Back to Nokia 9, smartphone as many as five modules of the main camera a bold look at how should a modern camera phone. Yes, this is not the first smartphone with a vengeance full of security cameras. Suffice it to recall the same Samsung A9, in which the camera is installed with four modules that can switch between wide-angle, ultra wide angle, a telephoto lens and a sensor for measuring the depth of the frame. New Nokia 9 can not do this, but maybe something else.

Nokia 9 PureView is able to make very detailed images. Three monochrome and two RGB module work during shooting simultaneously and jointly able to make the photo with higher resolution and a huge number of well-drawn details. Nokia 9 have a laser focus, by which Samsung determines the depth of the frame and the degree of remoteness of several objects in the picture from the camera. Nokia 9 just doing a few photos at a time and then collects one of them, defining and using with each photo the best parts.

Many lamented the fact that Nokia 9 is not the newest mobile processor, and processing the photos takes too much time. HMD said that in the first and second case, the problem was that all originally developed and tested on the Snapdragon chipset 845 and the company simply did not have enough time to port the ability of the novelties is the new processor from Qualcomm.

Moving away from the technical aspects of the device, we would like to speculate on what it means for Nokia 9 Global HMD. The company has repeatedly stated that Nokia will release a 9 in very limited quantities, as it does not expect a large demand for this device. Smartphone aims to embody the spirit of the good old Nokia, which we all once loved and to satisfy photographers who want something new from mobile photography.

Nokia 9 is a statement of the HMD that they have every opportunity to take a risk and create a truly unique device that can catch the fancy of mainstream consumers. Despite competition from giants such as Huawei, HMD wants to occupy its niche in the smartphone market with excellent photo capabilities and understands that just install a camera module 48 MP is not enough.

Line Nokia PureView has traditionally advocated the destruction of the patterns and always tries to offer the world of mobile photography is something unique. Nokia 808 with camera of 41 MP proposed a technology of combining pixels in the far 2012, and a year later the Lumia 10205, which we recently compared with modern Pixel 3 XL, gave us the image stabilization. Nokia 9 PureView with its five cameras going to help the brand firmly sit in the minds of people. This smartphone, as I wrote above, need not be a hit, but needs to make the mobile industry became interested in the brand again, and this was the company that worked perfectly.

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