What new phones Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ on?

Samsung announced the South Korean on the latest smart phones, leading the Galaxy S9 and S9+ at the Mobile World Congress to be held in the current period in Barcelona, Spain, sat phones a group of nurses and improvements just as it was rolling through the rumors and leaks during the financial period. The new phones carry a similar design issue last year. But, what’s new in this phones?

It will be difficult to overcome the Galaxy S9 shooting in low light

Boasts Samsung that Galaxy S9 carries a rear camera double that will help in the imaging well in low-light situations. Where both phones have opened the Lens Wide f / 1.5 that allow more light to the sensor. In addition, it is possible to control and adjust the width of the aperture through the camera application, and thus the process will be allowed more light to get brighter images.

The new phones are capable of producing better pictures than any phone Galaxy precedent

Sensor pixels Double-enter for the first time phone Galaxy S7 is one of the best means to take a photo fast, sharp and clear. Samsung developed this sensor and the new phone a special memory, allowing it processing much faster and produce clearer images. With the sensor pixels, dual phones Galaxy the former was used to ram the main phone to take pictures and merge them, but the sensor is new and comes with its own memory, and therefore can capture up to 12 pictures sequential and merge them into one image.

Every version of my phone that allows shooting video in slow motion B Freeman in the second

This means that you will be able to capture videos in slow motion incredibly, be frames per second in 720p. If you need to export 1080p, you will need to move to the option of 240 frames per second.

Samsung offer the advantage of EN Emoji for the first time

Using front or Back Camera, the phone can Galaxy S9 to turn your face into an emoji enthusiast. Where you will be recording your face and replace them with fees expressive that you are used to it, and you can record up to 18 of animation, a feature similar to that available iPhone X, anime.

Improvements assistant Baker.

The assistant Baker will be able to translate any text that appears in the camera, with support for up to 54 different language when the machine arrives to the market. Baker will be able to identify the types of foods and calculate the calories and integrates with the health app so you can track your calorie intake. And most importantly for ladies, Baker will be conducting a preview of the types of make-up before buying. So that you’ll be able to do the experience of virtual types of makeup on the face before purchase.

Stereo headphones, for the first time!

Samsung has added a speaker and an extra for Galaxy S9, allowing the stereo so that should be the phone calls and the experience of listening to music clearer and purer than before, while the phone does not support the port clear.

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