What means the entry “Amy – Waymo” competition in the market of services of transportation? And how it seems the future of car sharing in the world?

In the twenty-fourth of last month, I got company “and Amy – Waymo”, owned by group “the” problem for Google, to license its official as transportation networks in the US state of Arizona. For those who don’t know, “Amy” is the arm competent to develop smart cars have “Google” and”the”. The company was founded in 2009 with the aim of developing self-driving cars completely and got a license there last year to allow him to experience the self-driving cars fully driverless in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona.

Since then, cut policies “and” more than 4 million miles of testing initiated by the presence of the engineers of the company inside the car to monitor its performance, and then subject those cars to boat level by level officials active in the same city gave them the opportunity to experience that car free development day to their business and interests of their daily through a pilot program closed.

By obtaining this License such as the licensed transfer, start “Waimea” for a completely new stage to benefit commercially from their services, and start soon in ask application for smart phones allows residents state take advantage of the development cars of the company are paid in ways quite similar to the service “uber – Uber”, but with one essential difference alone, is that the cars “and” driving without a leader and able to work all hours of the day without stop.

While “uber” itself since the period on the development of self-driving cars are the other, but that the success of “Amy” is already in service launch it first putting it in a sports theme is partly in this market, which has always been “uber” race in him. The “Waimea” has succeeded, in another blow dealt to prevent its rival, the beginning of the current month in getting the rule of judicial spending with the share of stocks at 0,34% in the company “aweber”value estimated at more than US $ 200 million after the conviction of the last ones stealing the patent-specific”and” learn by self-driving cars.

And my “Amy” in support of its service Business to transport passengers in thousands self-driving cars of the type Chrystler Pacifica immediately launched, and intend to stop service to be launched in 5 other US states to immediately obtain the necessary licenses.

While that may not mean a severely the results of the competition between the two companies in the United States of America, but what it means is already here, and what I find more important, is the reflections entering the self-driving cars in the service of transport networks new, or what was called in the past network problems cars. The entry of self-driving cars to this area means not only more service reliability and 24-hour non-stop, but it also means essentially that maybe in the near future, or medium-term – the concept of car sharing itself will collapse.

Network originated watching the cars based on the need for some to increase their income by sharing their car with others at times that suit them, but the entry of self-driving cars to this area, we turn primarily to the entry of large companies, the developer of those cars, as an alternative for users who adopted the idea Originally on their faces.

I can’t imagine that to happen soon, as it’ll take several more years before this new situation in the other regions less advanced than the world, but that vision looks like, sooner or later, it’s closest to happening in the future.

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