What masternode worth investing in 2019? The list of the most promising coins

2018 should be the year of the Yellow Dog, but eventually seized power hungry Greedy Bear. The market shrank, went down, the miners had to go offline. Owners mastered a little more fortunate, because to worry about electricity bills they do not need. If you take credit for the graphics card there is no desire, but to earn on cryptocurrencies still want to — it’s time to take a closer look at masternode. Select best candidates to enter the niche.

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What is masternode

For starters, remember the theory. Masternode — special nodes in the network of cryptocurrencies, responsible for decentralization and the speed of its work. In fact, the term hidden servers with a specific number of blocked coins. They are constantly online and sign the blocks. As a reward, receive a reward in coins network. Details of the functioning of mastered and examples, illustrations from life are in this article.

Source: TheMerkle

Masternode different cryptocurrencies differ in many respects. Each network has its own requirements for number of coins to start, their magnitude and frequency of the payments, and your rate of return on investment or ROI. To explore all of the data there are three resources:

— masternodes.online;
— masternodes.pro;
— mnrank.com.

A choice rather big, but there are also those who stands out. Such projects at least six.


Dash — father mastered. Cryptocurrency has become the first project with this feature, it introduced the Creator of the coin Evan Duffield. Working for a long time, profitability is small, the reliability is incredible.

Requires the Dash 1000 — a huge sum. At the end of 2017 the rate of the coins exceeded fifteen hundred dollars, which price masternode went up to one and a half million dollars.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Masternode Dash get 45 percent of remuneration per block, equivalent to almost 7 coins throughout the month. Every 380 days, the reward per block drops to 7 percent.

The result is similar to a Bank Deposit, which will show the projected earnings. The risks are minimal, because Dash is a survivor, and because of the high cost niche not included. Start masternode network will help online guides. They are not easy, so be prepared.

course coins — 70,02 dollar;
the required number of coins to start — 1000;
the cost of masternode — 70020 dollar;
the rate of return on investment (ROI) — 7.11%.

Zcoin XZC

Zcoin is also elderly — a coin exists in 2016, it is based on a Protocol of privacy Zerocoin. Read more about the project read here.

Source: 2Биткоина

Need to start 1000 XZC, masternode in the network, or Znodes — get 30% reward per block. 56% goes to the miners, and the remaining 14 going to the developers.

Because of his age Zcoin is trading on a vast number of exchanges, so that exchange remuneration will be easy. Another important plus is the recent hardwork in December 2018 and the transition to the algorithm of extraction of MTP (Merkle Tree Proofs), which protect the network from threats ASIC miners.

course coins — 5.09 dollar;
the required number of coins to start — 1000;
the cost of masternode — 5091 dollars;
the rate of return on investment (ROI) — 20%.


$PAC — reinventing the old good PACcoin, which appeared in 2014 in the form of a fork of Bitcoin. Masternode here at priority: it gets 75 percent compensation for the unit. Interestingly, 5 percent goes to charity, so participating in the life of the project can theoretically bad impact on karma.

Coin provides users with two cool features — Instant$PAC Private$PAC. The first helps you to instantly send money to other members through the network mustered, while the second ensures the privacy of the transaction by mixing the coins of different owners.

The course is $PAC penny, so surprised by the price masternode half a million coins is not worth it.

course coins — 0,00081 dollar;
the required number of coins to start — 500 000;
the cost of masternode — 405 dollar;
the rate of return on investment (ROI) — 63%.


MNPCoin — new project, launched in August 2018. Coin is working on the Proof of Stake algorithm, the remuneration shall be distributed between masternode and stalkerami in the ratio of 60:40.

The main feature MNPCoin is the use of cryptocurrency as a wallet for gift cards. Users can spend coins on any website project.

course coins — 0,1148 dollar;
the required number of coins to start — 10000;
the cost of masternode — 1,148;
the rate of return on investment (ROI) — 155 percent.

NRG Energi

Energi is a young project, but its developers are not shy to oppose Bitcoin. As written on the main page, the algorithm PoW is nothing but a “tax on bitcoin” and BTC burns more than $ 5 billion a year in mining.

Representatives Energi want to save money and direct them to development. Their goal is to become best platform for smart contracts provided to guarantee durability and active development.

Holders masternode receive 40 percent of the award per block. By the way, the same goes to the Treasury for improvement of the project. Of the immediate tasks of the developers road map: the creation of Energi 2.0 smart contracts and high-bandwidth transactions.

course coins — 0,9490 dollar;
the required number of coins to start — 10000;
the cost of masternode — 9490 dollar;
the rate of return on investment (ROI) of 122%.


Horizen — rebranding ZenCash. This is a cryptocurrency with a focus on privacy of users and their transactions. In addition, the developers want to allow everyone to create applications on siddaiah network and use them in the real world.

Source: Bitcoinist

At Horizen two analogue mastered: Securenode (ZEN-42) and Supernode (ZEN-500). They surpass the capabilities of conventional nodes, receive 10 percent of the compensation unit and are separate from each other statistics.

course coins — 4.53 dollar;
the required number of coins to start — 42/500;
the cost of masternode — 191/2270 dollar;
the rate of return on investment (ROI) — 34/20 percent.


Selection masternode is an important task. Because they are responsible for the signature blocks and guarantee the decentralization of the network, investment in masternode actually means investment in the future of the coin. Accordingly, it is worth doing only if there is a faith, not a three-digit number in place of ROI. By the way, knowledge about the features of cryptocurrencies will come in handy, so carefully read the information and roadmap of the project before investing.

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