What is WonderOS? Let’s deal

For several years a mysterious and little-known tech startup called Wonder teasing us with its plans to provide high-quality gaming features on a normal smartphone. For example, a year ago Wonder in an interview with The Verge said that working on its own Android smartphone, which will be installed a special game. And mystical, the company relaunched its website, which now has the first images of what we should expect from its OSes WonderOS.

In fact, the developers WonderOS want to make your smartphone the only device that you will use to play any game, regardless of whether it is released for mobile platforms, consoles or PC. Also, according to the updated website, it seems that the Wonder a little revised the concept of their products. There is now no longer mentions the launch of its own smartphone, but the page FAQ says the company is “working with several handset manufacturers on the integration WonderOS in smartphones around the world.” Currently, registration of users, which later can be selected for beta testing WonderOS on their smartphones.

What is WonderOS and how it will make mobile gaming better?

So what is WonderOS? According to the information on the updated website, WonderOS is so universal platform that will allow you to play on your smartphone not only at all mobile games, but to stream to a mobile device of any console and computer games to play on smartphones, and in them, too.

It is also assumed that WonderOS allows players not only to connect and play together with other players, but also to broadcast their gameplay so others can see it. On the FAQ page of the website States that the default platform WonderOS will be free, but will also be offered a paid option, such as buying games directly or a special subscription which will allow you to use special features, including the ability to play on your smartphone in console and computer games and free access to a library of premium games.

Although on the actual website, we can see that the Wonder will not sell its own smartphones, the company intends to sell other equipment that will connect to smartphones with the installed WonderOS. For example, it is planned to sell Wonder gamepad GamePad and dock Wonder Dock to connect your smartphone to a monitor or TV.

When WonderOS will be officially launched?

Unfortunately, it is not known when the company plans to officially launch WonderOS. As I mentioned earlier, the website is currently accepting applications from gamers to participate in beta testing new software. Also there is no information about how much will cost the premium subscription, gamepad, and docking station.

Does WonderOS success?

Wonder is a relatively small gaming startup company, but she’s definitely very ambitious plans to turn Android smartphones into devices that owners will be able to play any game I want. And, of course, we have seen many similar products from the major competing companies in this gaming niche.

Microsoft and Google plan to launch their own streaming game services (XCloud and Stadia) at the end of this year. Both of these giants are also seeking to offer its users the ability to play “big” games right on smartphones. Of course, then you need to remember about Nintendo Switch, which successfully provides gamers portability and the ability to play your favorite games on the go.

It will be interesting to see if WonderOS do offer flexible platforms on which you can play absolutely any game. Hopefully at the upcoming E3 in a few weeks, the company will disclose more information about their plans.

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