What is waiting for Mac in the future?

Apple is working on new technology that will allow you to charge all peripheral devices nearby wirelessly. This became known after the registration of the patent by the company. The document stated that the technology will be used in Mac computers and related accessories, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.

To transfer energy wirelessly, Apple intends to use the charging method which is based on radio-frequency antenna. The computer will be special sensors for transmission of energy. Receiving a peripheral device, namely a keyboard or mouse, to receive signals from the transmitter, is fed into the circuit of the rectifier. Then the appropriate signals will be converted to a voltage that will start the battery charging process.

This approach will allow you to charge peripherals even a short distance — up to 30 cm, it is Assumed that the sending sensor will be located in the computer case under a specific angle — so the person is not going to be exposed to radio frequency waves.

No doubt, this technology looks promising — users at last will get rid of the main disadvantage of wireless accessories need to charge them.

Of course, to talk about any plans too early, given that the technology described only on paper. As we know, Apple registers hundreds of patents, many of which will never be implemented in real products.

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