What is the slack (Slack) and how you can take advantage of it? 10 questions to give you a comprehensive look



Happens a lot in the digital world that there would be a product or service to meet your needs and your project or your idea that you want to apply on the ground, and you don’t know that there’s a physical product or service to the benefit of thousands or maybe millions and you don’t know anything about her, because, through the internet we can access many of the things that we need in our life process, but the problem is in who guides us to or lead us to it.

This was the case when I was looking for a free service provided property of the communication between the participants (writing – sound), it can be through the establishment of a group to accept thousands of participants and provide some of the characteristics that make it easier for members make the most of their gathering digital, and also provides voice communication of high quality, and other characteristics.

Although the website application of slack (Slack) bring wide reputation, but the fame put him in a corner trapped, is the angle of enterprises, it is a custom application mainly for communication between work teams fact or employees inside one company, the other thing that you may think of the gas user is interested in it as long as the custom companies, if they are a paid service and not free, but it’s a lot different than those expectations, where the application can be used free of charge and can be used to create any type of digital communities.

Through the following questions, we will act together on the application and the location of Slack and the characteristics of the nurses provided, not only owners of businesses and employees in the institutions, but to any normal person wants to create a group continue to include interested in a certain area or to achieve a common goal, they are us.

1. What is Slack

Can be considered of collaborative software Collaborative Software or simply system to create communities (Groups) and management, provides a number of characteristics makes it a favorite of companies and organizations to gather teams to work with each other, it is not only to chat and communicate between individuals, it is to share files and audio and video recording, but also can be used as a way to create groups (Group) with your friends or colleagues in the study to watch some educational sources or discussion about upcoming activities.

2. Do you slack free?

You can use slack for free, but without providing all the characteristics of nurses, there is a version (Standard) that cost $ 8 per month on every member in the team, and the (Plus) which cost $ 15 per month on every member in the team, but the beauty of it is that the free version provides everything needed for ordinary individuals, as most of the characteristics representative of the skills available in the free version, and the ordinary user or even the owner of the project is small, you won’t need more than is available free, as possible other they often fit medium and large companies.

For example, a property call, voice or Visual (Video), the connection can be made to any member of the group whether you are on the free or paid version, but the owners of the paid version they can only conference call (Group Call).

3. Is it a website or app or Windows program it?

Is all of that, they are platform and a Web application, can be used directly via the website or via the Mobile Apps (Android – iPhone – Windows Phone) and also there’s a copy one copy and another for Mac and a third for Linux systems, and IT services cloud-based service provides content synchronization between all the women, be a user account one can login to the group (Workspace) from any device or platform.

4. How Can I register in the Slack

The method of delivery in the slack a little bit different from the rest of the services and platforms, you’re here, don’t you first sign up at the site of Slack separately and then join the group you want, but you must register in the group directly (after you receive an invitation from the group Creator), and when you want to join another group will be this push of a button, but you’ll have to register again.

The other option is to create you a group and then invite members to interact, in both cases, it is simple and fast.

5. How can create a new group

The group in slack called the “workspace” (Workspace) and anyone can create any workspace, and then invite others to participate, and a convenience shortcut, we use the term (group) instead of (work space) in this article.

Can create a group by clicking on the icon (Create a workspace) in the interface of the official website, you will register through the simple steps and use your e-mail which will be confirmed through an activation email sent to him, and then create a password and select the link unique to your group within slack, this brings us to the next question.

6. What is the address fixed to my collection in the Slack

Each group has a web address unique (to be chosen during the creation of the group), members in the group to Go directly to that link and access to the group via e-mail and password that was recognized in the first time, the address is a subdomain of the basic salary of the site, writes the following:


Where (hours) is the name of your group unique that you choose during the registration process (can be changed later from the Settings page of the Group) must be composed of (letters – numbers – police) only.

7. How others can join the group

The method of delivery in group via (the support) where you enter e-mails within a page (Invite People) to tell the system to send invitations to them, will the other person clicking on the icon from within the message and then enter its basic data (name and password).

The other way is via the registration link group, where the system allows you to create a link to the recording to give anyone, and when he says for it will move to the page to write his e-mail, then sends the system call to e-mail, and then complete the registration steps (you can create a registration link from within the page to Invite People itself).

8. You can create more than one group the same e-mail.

You can join more than group the same e-mail.

Yes, you can, can record in more than one group through your e-mail, and also can create more than one group with the same email address, you can establish a different password for each group you’re bound to it, and you can also log out of any group and the rest in the other, it is separately for each group separately.

When you log in to more than one group of the same browser, you’ll have the possibility to switch between the groups with the push of a button (This is done from within the main menu that draped from the top next to the group name).

9. As the number of members allowed in the group

Can per set to accommodate thousands, there is no clear mention in the official website announced the maximum number of people who can join the Group one (workspace) in the free version.

But although I have published the site Business Insider report demonstrates that there is a limit to the number of individuals or working group members, although not mentioned these details in the interface of the official website, I happened to link one of the groups, which include a large number of members to number (8,462) and then stopped growing and no longer accept any new members.

10. How is the communication between the members within the group

Is debate and participation across sub-groups called channels (channels), so that the work space one (group) containing several channels of admin access (or any other member) created for the implementation of the participation within the group, these channels are not completely isolated from each other, where you can see any member within the work space even though not common, are only for organizing the discussion and evaluation of the major theme.

A member can write within the channel or send a private message to any member within the group, or make a call voice or video directly to any member online at that moment, whether via the website or Phone application or a copy of Windows, it will be the phone call regardless of the interface used.

Channels appear active members who have been communicating their newly in the sidebar at the left of the main interface.

Finally …

That was a quick introduction about this service as possible, the introduction may benefit the person in the decision-making used to create his collection or maybe search for others, and there’s a lot of detail and the possibilities provided by the application of the slack, which can be identified through experience and use, or use this source useful:

  • An extended manual about the Slack in the site thenextweb
  • Video brief about the Slack and how to use it
  • Another video more detailed and explain the characteristics and options

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