What is the secret of the paradox in YouTube and the uneven numbers between the subscribers and viewers

Why do we find some of the videos have gained millions of views of the production channels with only hundreds or thousands of participants, you may find the interaction with the great video and positive information high, however did not satisfy that channel that joins some of those viewers to it and look on the subscribe button, for example, the following video has been shared more than 12 million while the channel possesses only 11 thousand subscribers, it is where he came from all of those, why didn’t you help this great number to raise the number of subscribers of the channel to fit those millions?

In the interview, we see some channel that has a large number of participants they get to watch the few videos you post, such as the next channel has more than 60 thousand customers, however, find some videos, didn’t watch to the hundreds only, we learned that many of the participants are real people and they come from sites buying and selling the illusion, and they have been involved in the channel because they are interested in the content, if so how do we explain the absence of the vast majority of them when you post the videos?

This paradox is what we would like to focus on in this article, and some space -digital – to clarify the reasons that may boggle the average user or may frustrate the Publisher cross-platform youtube.

Curiosity provisional

From the known facts in relation to YouTube, that most of the participants in any channel has arrived through recommendations of YouTube, via the home page or sidebar that displays the system with the help of the algorithm by some videos that are believed distinctive and useful, Faisal people, individually and collectively, and the number of participants, day after day, until it reaches the number that it is, and a few of them up to the channel via the search box or across the mouths of the teachers.

May apply in the open journey in the corridors of YouTube and among his wonders and weirdness, ranging from the videos out of curiosity, this video for the longest ten men, and another largest 5 trucks, and the third and the fourth …. So between those videos that shows you the system as to watch next, follow him without the intention of advance or interest is clear, and you after all watch leave video without care for the subscribe button red lurking under every video, you now see just out of curiosity, to know what to hide those addresses, hues, and after that use and enjoy, and leave without indifferently.

In this case you are not involved in the channel, watching, and then leave, you’re not alone, you are one of thousands, perhaps millions, of people who got their decision through recommendations, they watch and then they’re gone, they’re not interested in what is published by the channel, so the vast majority are not involved in the channel, while increasing the number of views dramatically in that video finds its way to the list of recommendations, keeping the index of participants is low.

A stroke of luck or commitment and persistence

Mostly, those channels that don’t get a lot of participants, don’t publish content regularly, may publish the owner of the channel has some videos, incommand luck with him at one of them and to the millions of users, but because of the lack of continuity in the posting, you may not find the viewer’s motivation to participate in the channel when it finds that another video was posted a year ago, will mean that nothing new can be released from this channel, so leaving after a brief visit.

Another important related boards the YouTube in the content recommendation to users, when you share a video or two of a specific channel and then leave without a subscription, you may say the system of the recommendation of the other videos from the same channel in the next day, you might think you might be interested in this channel and publish it, so bomb that I don’t publish regularly, you won’t get with this, will be that water which helps greatly in increasing the number of participants.

“Charlie bit my finger”

A lot of the video displays, the famous for the little baby (Charlie) bites his brother’s finger, the video garnered more than 800 million views to this day, as to the channel itself has amassed more than 300 thousand subscribers, and when you enter the canal you’ll find that there are videos of many followed the publication of that Video the lucky one, This indicates the exploitation of a good surge of surprise and the wide dissemination achieved by one of the videos and support the channel to earn subscribers.

The second reason for the channel on a good number of participants -which leads us to consider the following – is a specialty channel, it has good channel to enjoy its specialization which is a follow-up to journey of the children themselves and export some of their funny tales of their light, they gave it a reason to motivate the viewer to buy into the channel, to know what’s after that, where Charlie and his brother’s? And there’s a “bites” can occur in the future?

Not to stick to the allocated channel

Now we come to the apartment the second of this paradox, namely the question of lack of viewers despite many of the participants in the channel, one of the most important reasons for this, is the lack of commitment to the specialty channel, or failure to specify the allocated one of the channel, it activates the bomb video outside their specialization, and then hits him luck spreads and becomes the largest tributary to the new subscribers, and publishes the channel in the major will not be attracted to him most of the participants being non-interested, and therefore will not get the videos to good numbers of views.

You can find a lot of examples for this problem, for example, the mask feathers are specialized in the production of the lessons of mobile design (via the Maya) and editing video and other related topics, as that channel posted some videos on the YouTube, and find that months video where is the one who knows where its owner the subject of profit from YouTube, which has brought a lot of followers of the channel, so much of the channel’s audience are people who are not interested in studying the design of objects and agitated, bringing the lesson to not watch it only a little, the more you posted on YouTube; and watch it a lot.

Another example is the channel “tutorials online“, the channel that publishes useful content in the field of English language learning, but the brother of Ahmed Abu Zeid -the owner of the channel – activates also about other topics the most important study and for high school, which he brought to the channel A Wide audience some interested in the English language and others interested in other things, this weakens the arrival of the video a large portion of his audience divided.

Subscription alone is not enough

Can believe that video that did not reach the number of consultations exceeds 5% of the number of participants in the channel, is a video problem or a channel problem, one of the reasons that the bomb be multi-disciplinary as we mentioned earlier, but there’s another problem even when the channel is a distinct area of specialization, which is a problem related to the quality and distinct videos published.

Because the main page for YouTube small -especially in the smartphone app – so it’s difficult to view all the videos coming from the channel of the joint, especially if you’re in many channels, so the algorithms in the YouTube choose for you videos most tend just, sometimes it may connect to you videos from channels not subscribed to the aims coming from the channels you’re involved in, because it is more distinguished, either by his knowledge of the water, that’s another topic we talked about in a previous article.

Therefore, the Subscriber unit is not enough, it may reach you a new user and encourages you in your channel then you miss it forever, either the common feature of the contradictions in the channel, or to you production videos featured worth spreading, so as to bring the attention of the algorithms of the system within YouTube and its role in the delivery of video to the rest of the members of your audience, and perhaps all the other in the case of received video on the satisfaction of the algorithms that became the talk almost everything.

The conclusion of the …

In the end is not numbers are the most important, the most important is what leaves his video of real benefit and impact of good people in life, you may benefit from video 100 people will change their lives for the better, Vespa lemon so at the revival of their nation and their community, while you may watch a video of another million people, and over them something, but feel them for on their time, so those numbers don’t matter, what matters is the impact.

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