What is the real amount that we need of RAM in our phones to 2019 is?

While the race between manufacturers of Android phones put more specifications internal gear the top in their phones, we should expect between now and then and wonder if we really need all these new additions, or is it just the additional power is not stable you will have to just increase the price of our smartphones more in the future, and here we find that the radio is one of the most of these specifications, which has increased substantially in phones over the past two years.

At the beginning of the era of Android phones, most phones come with 512 Meg MB or 1 gigabytes just ram, even the increased sizes and capacities of the applications that we use along permanently said companies to increase the RAM capacity to 3 gigabytes of address space in 2014, but in 2016 and 2017, we moved to 4 gigabytes of RAM and from there began recording turn the launch of phones Bram higher up to 6 then 8, 10, and 12 gigabytes of RAM, but what is the real amount we need really?

Very simply, the importance of the radio in the extent of user need for multi-tasking on his cell phone, so that the Ram is the memory space that allows the survival of the applications running in the background while switched to another application so you can later go back to the first and it works without a problem, and that is why we find that the minimum amount of RAM that won’t cause us to close compulsory for applications is annoying not having enough space is 4 gigabytes of RAM.

This in the case you are always to use their phones and many business you have, it is favorite that you get the phone carries 6 gigabytes of RAM so you can have a larger capacity to open a large number of apps and games at once, but if you want to make sure not having any problem in your use of your phone for a year or two years, it may be a choice of 8 gigabytes worth thinking about, but any Ram higher than this limit are simply just increasing the strength of the theory couldn’t anyone take advantage of them at least during the next few years, Only in the case of increasing the sizes of the applications and games dramatically, which is unlikely to occur.

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