What is the package protection Google Play Protect it? Why should be assured to possess it?

I’ve always been the subject of safety and protection one of the great concerns for Google, having an operating system such as Android exists on more than 87% of the phones the world is great, but it will very difficult to hand control and adjust all its details, and therefore we hear constantly Bach breakthroughs and the emergence of malicious software and other.

Know Google so well, and Kiev be fair, they developed tools enhanced protection significantly improved the level of protection in a lot of their services, especially the Chrome browser and Gmail, through the feature “Safe Browsing Safe Browsing” and the adoption of safety standards advanced.

In relation to running Android as a whole one play, I thought Google previously on property verification of applications Verify Apps, which in spite of its effectiveness and its ability to detect many of the malicious apps, found the kidnappers are ways to overcome them access to the phones of users, which is called to enhance the level of protection through the launch of bundle Google Play Protect, during a conference of developers Google I/O 2017 the past.

What is Google Play Protect it?

Do not represent the service Play Protect apps you can download and use, but it is an integrated package of security services that work with each other to ensure the absence of any malicious apps or security problems.

Packages consist mainly of 3 components:

  • Service check inspect the application and Verify Apps
  • Service Safe Browsing, Safe Browsing
  • Service to locate the device from the Google Find My Device

Where are package Google Play Protect it?

Basically, you can see the package in two places:

  • Play Store
  • Smartphone

Google began to include the first packet in the Play store, where it shows the users have in the “My apps My Apps” the new partner involves the possibility of conducting a survey and examination of the comments that the user has downloaded and installed giving the result, either confirm the existence of a problem or show the user that everything is fine. In addition, Google has made the formation of a label new show to the top of the page for each application, where you tell the user that this app is compatible with the protection standards of Google. Anyway, did Google remove this label later, being all of the apps on the Play Store you must follow the protection standards of Google.

After that, Google decided to stop over and make a service integrated within the phone itself, which is what happened across the updates to the pneumatic post which added an option under Security Settings on the phone which enables to conduct a survey of the investigations, as well as the activation of the automated scanning periodically. Access Pack Play Protect of this option, you must follow the following steps:

  • Pressing on the settings app Settings
  • Access down until you find the option “protection and Security” (it might show you have the name of “security)
  • You will find the top of the page the option “Google Play Protect” with the information of the latest examination of successful applications

Now when you click on the last option, will show you the Settings page of your package, which includes information about the latest applications that have been checked, as can access the page with the technical support by clicking on the “more information”, and finally, you can disable the option to scan device application or send the information examination via the options located under the dome.

How Can I get Pack Play Protect it?

As we have said the beginning of the article, do not represent the pack Play Protect apps can be downloaded, it is a package the Google sent to users as part of a package of services play Google Play Services, so in order to get them, you have to make sure you have version 11 Service Pack Google or the following, in order to do this we follow the following:

  • Pressing on the settings app Settings
  • Search for “Google Play Services”
  • Click on them to access the bottom of the page, where you’ll find a “version number Version Number”
  • You can use an application like Play Services Info to get information to your service pack version Google directly
  • Can the Service Pack update Google Play Store: Click here, or via the download version is compatible with Android version on your phone from the website APK Mirror: Click here.

Does this mean the end of intrusions and malware is?

Of course not, in fact, can not claim at all that any operating system is safe. The basic idea that it has become there are now firewall Google works to constantly update will provide a good level of protection for users.

What I would like to say here that the theme of protection associated with the user to a great extent, and whatever the companies of the procedures and steps in order to provide maximum safe, simple mistake from the user will lead to loss of everything: ranging from not to choose strong passwords and complex access through the after attention procedures like two-step verification access to applications and programs without verifying its source and reliability, or press random on the links, emails, whatever its owner.

What do you think Wi Play Protect it? Have you noticed a difference after its launch and presence on the Play Store and the phone? Share with us your experience in the comments.



Source: what is the package protection Google Play Protect it? Why should be assured to possess it?

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