What is the information that you know Apple’s about you?! And how did you develop it?!

The recent bombing of the scandal of the social networking site Facebook after a company called “Cambridge analytica” access to personal data for millions of users and employ them for political purposes, and still echo this case exists to today with the Continued Operations of the investigation, and provoked that incident concerns a lot of users on the exploitation companies and the different services their personal data.

ما هي المعلومات التي تعرفها آبل عنك ؟! و كيف تتطلع عليها ؟!

What is the information that you know Apple’s about you?! And how did you develop it?!

This is what you know the Apple about you!

After mounting concerns of users about their personal data that is collected about them, Apple updates Privacy Policy, and explained fully the quality of data that is collected from users and how to use it.

In the beginning, you can rest assured Apple is not interested at all in albums of your photos and no search logs and browse your Internet and not your conversations and your phone calls all of these things are personal and don’t require you have an apple or you collect.

Means the personal data, possible data that can be used to set and determine a person’s stand alone or communicate with him, and according to the official website of Apple, it collects the following data about you in some circumstances:

  • Data that you provide when you create an Apple ID account
  • Your conversations with Apple and customer service, and requests the purchase of products and downloading updates.
  • Data obtained by the Apple about you are as follows : “name, mail, phone number, contacts, device identifiers, IP address, geographical location, and credit card statements.”
  • Sometimes ask the apple of the user’s documents and official documents issued by government agencies in some circumstances.
  • Data people who you share content with or send gifts or invitations or products for them who are using Apple devices, with a view to the implementation of demand and fraud protection. And this data is: “the name, mailing address, email address, and phone number”.

Why Apple is collecting this data in the first place? And how do you use?

لماذا تقوم آبل بجمع هذه البيانات بالأساس ؟ و كيف تستخدمها؟

Why Apple is collecting this data in the first place? And how do you use?

You say Apple is collecting this data for various purposes with the aim of improving the level of services and products and its own content and thus raise the quality of the usage experience, and also protect users from the risks of the monument and fraud, and to notify users about offers Apple TV or any changes in the usage policy.

Do you share Apple TV this data with third parties?

Yes, you may exchange the Apple TV that data with a third party such as partners, Apple shareholders to provide their services and their products, and also companies that help in the operations of the promotion and marketing of the products, and also you might say the Apple TV detects the data in the case of a request of the government agencies and the judiciary.

Would you like to see on the data offered by the Apple about you?

It’s simple, just send a message to Apple via this link (https://www.apple.com/ae-ar/privacy/contact) and ask for a copy of the personal data held by the Apple about you, and then will communicate with you to verify your identity and then tell the Apple TV to the implementation of your request within days and will reach you by mail a zip file format ZIP file contains several Excel files of all data offered by the Apple about you.

مثال للبيانات التي تجمعها آبل عن المستخدمين

An example of the data collected by Apple from users

Most of these data you will find in-depth apps or music or products that you have purchased from Apple, and also your correspondence with customer service, and other things previously mentioned. No pictures and no conversations, and no sensitive information may harm you, you can check out the full new modification in the privacy policy through this link , a lot and a lot of items, and the devil is in the details and nothing prevents Apple from collecting data of users in a way that serves their interests, but the case has probably much better than you do other companies like Facebook or Google.

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