What is the “At A Glance” in the Pixel Launcher and why after update it will become even easier

“At A Glance” is one of the most simple, but no less pleasant and convenient to use, features Pixel Launcher. “At A Glance” is a widget for your desktop that shows the current day of the week, date and weather information including temperature. When you click on the day of the week or the date will open a calendar and when you click on the weather information brings you to the weather app from Google. The widget also warns you about the meeting in the calendar, the upcoming flight (including boarding time) and unusual changes in traffic.

Now, after the update, “At A Glance” has acquired several new features. Long press on the widget and clicking on the “settings” will open a menu with infusions of widget where you can learn about all available options (including new). This includes calendar events, information about the upcoming flight and traffic information, as well as two new features: reminders and smart tips.

On the left you can see a screenshot of the settings menu “At A Glance” of the old version, and on the right

The first new setting will show you the next upcoming reminders. For example, let’s say you set a reminder to smartphone warned you, next time again, you need to drink a glass of water; this will be displayed on the widget. And if you enable “Smart tips” you will be tips based on Google Assistant. We assume that the decision about what features available on your smartphone, you should use in certain situations.

Currently, both these new functions do not work, even if they are listed as settings for the widget. When new features earn, hard to say, but the fact that they have some users already see in the settings that suggests the imminent appearance of the other, and pack the possibility of using.

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