What is stronger just prevented the mass adoption of Bitcoin? Version Craig Wright

Craig Wright recently appeared in the video Tony Weiss, one of the most famous supporters of Bitcoin. In a conversation with Weiss, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto spoke very sharply about the upcoming hard forks of Bitcoin Cash. According to him, the opponents of the team Bitcoin SV will have a hard time, and cryptocommunist should not rely on mass adoption of Bitcoin.

As Satoshi tries to kill Bitcoin

Wright said that the Silk Road case is irrelevant to the process of adoption of the main cryptocurrency. Recall that the Silk Road is a marketplace in darquea, where you can find weapons, drugs and even the orders for the killings. At the time Silk Road was going through a real flourish, and because Bitcoin was the only means of payment, cryptocurrency also has gained popularity.

The case Silk Road the upshot was that the FBI still managed to find the Creator of the Ross Ulbricht. Ross received a life sentence in a prison in the United States and remarkable popularity. However, Craig Wright still denies indirect participation of the Ulbricht to the growth of Bitcoin.

The adoption of cryptocurrency began with Silk Road. If you look at the first prototypes of electronic money of the 90-ies, you will see that in the first three years they begin to use the banks. Turns out, Silk Road actually killed Bitcoin. If not for him, right now cryptocurrency is constantly used would be 500 million people.

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Moreover, all the problems of the main mining giant Bitmain also created by Craig Wright. He noted that his company nChain bought most of Asimov manufacturer. Once the purchases have stopped, the income Bitmain immediately sunk to the bottom, and the company got into debt.

Let’s hope that hardwork Bitcoin Cash will be normal and will not be a catastrophe due to such aggressive statements of the fake Satoshi. And yet, you can subscribe to our cryptcat.


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