What is Project magic leap huge?

Announced magic Libya yesterday about the partnership with the Basketball Association of America NBA to broadcast the games through the system by Magic Leap One and on virtual screens in front of the eyes of the wearer of the glasses.

What are the system magic Libya?

After 6 years of work and funding by about $ 2 billion, revealed the system of the augmented reality Magic Leap One end of 2017. System includes control computer small connected to it, and the glasses display the content in the physical environment and to communicate with him by hand gestures and control unit; as you see in the picture, this would be a way to interact with an e-mail Gmail, instead of looking at your phone or your computer. View magic Libya are examples of the way of thinking with the application of glasses the image below, the user who wears the glasses he sees the broadcast of our solar system in its environment of the real, and by a large collection of cameras, sensors, tracking can the glasses to see the environment around the user and his interaction with the content to assess the implementation of the thinking, knowing that the user who not wearing the glasses he can’t see what he sees the other, but sees someone waving his hand in the air.

On the computer that is running system, it is small to the extent of putting it in a pocket or hung on the belt, and are currently available specifications about it, only that it is capable of processing graphics high. I didn’t know the magic to Libya for a specific date to launch with the mention that it will be in 2018, as well as why the company provides information about the price, but Rooney does -executive director, said she would be in the price level of the eyebrows leading, and the price will be between 1000$ – 2,500$

Here are examples of the work of the system of Magic Leap One provided by the company:

All the wearing glasses to watch content at the same time, which means that it may be an alternative for TV. You can walk around the displayed content is an excellent way to deal with the three-dimensional display Augmented reality applications are diverse, including you can see the products displayed on the e-stores before you buy them

Video review the system of Magic Leap One:

https://youtu.be/GmdXJy_IdNw [divider][/divider]

Magic leap is working on bringing the Live three-dimensional

In the edges of the rocky movie with The Verge commenting on the company’s partnership with Basketball Association of America NBA live by, says that they will broadcast live the Council (three-dimensional) by two years to five, in order to achieve this they will replace cameras and traditional film photography to the types of modern. At the present time, it can broadcast the content area on the display of the default as above, but how to transfer the video data, and evaluating live content stereoscopic is what you seek magic Libya next, given the strength of the development of the treatment of the dialogue and we are a few years after that. In order to implement live content of the probe must be surrounded by cameras from all aspects; instead of 30 camera focus on the export of certain angles, will crew a larger number of cameras and sizes are much less accurately very high to send data to the Com computing background. And above, the shift of transport television from two-dimensional to transport the full board will take decades, probably even see it happening for various math news, but we’ll embrace the early method of the broadcasting Council. Thus videos stereoscopic request production process cumbersome in the current time; often the request structures help green the entire perimeter of the photography and preparation of multiple cameras and processing videos multiple sync time, determine in the end on the video can be negotiated with him at the place of export or update it as the user running the virtual reality. And will his magic Libya requires the ability of computing large and the installation location, The type of cameras required, and on the user it will require to convince him to purchase the system. Includes the movie that their choice to work with the sport is to facilitate the production process where they will install cameras on the space material constant. And operating system system, it would be adjustable with commands or gestures and movement of eyes and head, and that there will be many possibilities for applications that can be used with glasses, and the icons of applications to the programme take-off will be stereoscopic, vision for the user it will appear to review the app.

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