What is most afraid of Bitcoin investors?

Staff Binance Research conducted a survey on the basis of which the Association released the study. According to the findings, institutional and VIP clients of the cryptocurrency world most concerned about the issue of adaptability of the industry. To the question about the five most exhilarating risks of the cryptocurrency industry by far the most popular response was “technological failure”. Typically, such problems arise due to hacking or leakage of critical information.

Among other important risks for the space of digital assets was a change in the regulation, both on the local and international levels. In addition, many investors concerned about legal troubles stablon top Tether USDT.

Source: Binance Research

Technical failures received a rating score of 1.67, while all other problems are located within the range from 2 to 3 points. The main concerns are related to privacy issues, especially given the proliferation of anonymous coins by type Monero and zcash for.

Surprisingly, as noted in the survey, the legal issues Tether regarding reinforcements stablon USDT is not so much of concern to most investors.

What about the positive forecasts?

Binance Research also describes in detail the factors that can make “potential drivers” to kriptonyte. Respondents listed eight possible factors. It should be noted the survey was conducted in may of 2019, so the excitement with Libra on Facebook is not considered.

Source: Binance Research

Changes in global and local regulation was considered the main factor of growth of the cryptocurrency industry. This survey item received an average score of 1.79. In the continuing regulatory emphasis the second most important “driver of growth” was the adoption of the ETF. Pending SEC at the moment, there are two important proposals for ETF Bitcoin. The final decision on this issue should be taken in October 2019.

It is unlikely that this survey can be considered sufficiently objective in view of the relatively small number of respondents. Besides they all represent approximately the same segment of users of the cryptocurrency. Finally, the study was conducted specifically for institutsionalnyh investors who consider Bitcoin like any other “investment vehicle” and not a means of exchange or payment instrument.

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