What is lost and gained from the world of Apple with Qualcomm

This week Apple and Qualcomm have completed many years of confrontation, making a settlement agreement. According to some reports, Apple had to concede to the opponent and to pay him as compensation of several billion dollars. Thus, the company from Cupertino was able not only to prevent further bans on the sale of its smartphones worldwide, but earned the location a supplier of the most advanced 5G modems. But is the game worth the candle?

According to analysts UBS, the world with Qualcomm to cost Apple $ 6 billion. Not the biggest amount for a company like Apple, which spends twice the money to upgrade equipment. But much worse, now that the cupertinos have to pay Qualcomm for licensing its patents for 8-9 dollars for each sold smartphone. It’s a few more of those 7.5 dollars that Qualcomm demanded from his partner before the conflict.

Wanting to save on royalty payments, Apple has defiantly refused to modems Qualcomm betting on Intel. However, recent decisions have been less advanced in technical terms and, apparently, in Cupertino, and they themselves were not happy that behaved so recklessly. The situation worsened when it became clear that 5G modems Intel have many flaws and unable to provide the same throughput as the decision of Qualcomm.

Think this is one of the few times when Apple lost because of his overconfidence. Decide cupertinos to put Qualcomm in place, proving to her that I can do without it, everything could be different. Not only that, Apple has kept their $ 6 billion and were able to build another Apple Park somewhere in Texas, and would have continued to pay the quite reasonable $ 7.5 royalties from every smartphone is 8-9 dollars, which Qualcomm calls it now.

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