What is known about the most powerful over the last 30 years the storm “Dorian”?

Summer of 2019 we remember the numerous earthquakes and fires. Autumn has come, but nature never ceases to surprise us unpleasantly different phenomena, which also carry destruction. Thus, on 1 September on the Northern part of the Bahamas was hit by hurricane called “Dorian”, which is considered the most powerful in the United States over the past 30 years. According to rescuers, the Islands suffered catastrophic damage, and the hurricane is moving further in the direction of the States of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

Storm “Dorian” is the most powerful for last 30 years

According to the meteorological services, the wind speed can reach 300 kilometers per hour. If you believe American media, the wind blew the roofs of houses and broke trees. Accurate data on the victims of the hurricane yet, but according to the red cross hurricane has affected more than 13 million homes. Also, there are reports about the dead boy and an elderly man, but this information is unconfirmed.

The strongest hurricane of the last 30 years

On the Saffir-Simpson hurricane rated maximum, the fifth category. This means that the wind can really knock down trees, billboards and completely destroy tall buildings. In this hurricane are advised to carry out a mass evacuation of residents of coastal cities. This, in principle, engaged in the rescue.

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It is known that of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina were evacuated over a million people. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, hurricane “Dorian” will maintain their strength for several more days, but afterwards the wind speed will decrease not as much as I would like. To coast USA the hurricane could get already on Tuesday Moscow time, at approximately 19:00 on Monday evening.

The evacuation of the inhabitants of the island of Grand Bahama

As mentioned above, rescue workers evacuated about a million people. The owners of public places like Disney in Florida carefully monitor the hurricane, but it is unknown how they will save the structure. The authorities of some States, in addition to the evacuation of the population, gave the order to remove from the streets of bikes and scooters. They fear that these vehicles can be thrown into the air and become “shells” that will crash and destroy the building.

In the us States trying to protect works of art from the hurricane

Photo of the storm “Dorian”

Hurricane “Dorian” has so much power, that it’s visible from space. He was photographed by Russian satellites “meteor-M” — photographs shared by the state Corporation “Roscosmos”. The representatives of the Corporation announced that the published pictures at the moment used by rescuers to assess caused by the hurricane damage. They will also help them ensure production and water those areas that need it most.

Photo of the storm “Dorian” from “Roscosmos”

Space Agency NASA, in turn, shared the video, which featured the hurricane. It was filmed aboard the International space station, which is located at an altitude of over 400 kilometres. As you can see, the storm looks really scary. According to experts, such a powerful storm did not hit the United States since 1992. This year was memorable for the residents of the United States by hurricane “Andrew”, which led to the death of 65 people and destroyed 63 thousands of homes.

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Don’t forget that in 2017 in the United States also raged strong wind. These include the same five-point storms “Irma”, “Jose” and “Maria”. According to the Saffir-Simpson scale of these hurricanes were rated category 4-5. In total, these storms have taken the lives of hundreds of people and destroyed thousands of structures, so it is hoped that the number of victims of hurricane “Dorian” will be much less.

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