What is important is the technology Samsung will introduce the Galaxy S10

Samsung is working on the development of advanced fast-charging technology for smartphones future generations, said the insider Ice Universe. According to him, implementation of the latest standard will be announced early next year, and he will be an integral part of the flagship Galaxy S10. Thanks to the newest technology Samsung will significantly increase charging efficiency built-in batteries, reducing the time spent on smartphones from the mains.

Despite the fact that the Universe Ice noted that a 15-watt charging will no longer be used in the flagships of Samsung, it did not specify what technology will replace it. It is possible that the company will refuse to use the standard Quick Charge from Qualcomm in favour of proprietary development. Likewise previously received such vendors like Oppo, OnePlus and Huawei, have developed more sophisticated counterparts under their own brands.

What is reverse charging and why it is needed

In addition to technology ultrafast charging, Galaxy S10 needs to reverse, or reverse charging. With the help of “the dozen” will be able to recharge external accessories like smart watches, headphones, fitness bands, and even other smartphones — will be enough to put them on the back of the smartphone. Similar technology was previously implemented in the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and, judging by the reviews, is relished not only commentators, but also ordinary users.

The most advanced technology fast charging offers today the flagship smartphone Oppo — Find X Lamborghini Edition. The manufacturer was able to bypass all the competitors, having achieved the highest class rate of output power at 50 W, so that the machine charges to 100% in just 35 minutes. To avoid premature wear of the battery from this voltage, the Oppo engineers decided to split it in two, thus effectively reducing the workload in half.

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