What is expected to be announced at the conference Apple TV next on October 30

Is the official conference of the Apple TV next on 30 October in Dar Howard Gilman Opera in New York City. Has Apple officially announced the details of the event with the slogan “there’s more in the manufacturing process” on that teaser.

It is worth mentioning that Apple unveiled the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR hours Apple Watch Series 4 in the last big event in September last. At this time, is expected to show Apple’s two models of iPad Pro has been redesigned, and the MacBook is new, and other updates to come probably to the line of computers Mac.

مؤتمر آبل القادم في 30 أكتوبر

Re-design of the iPad Pro

Expected to see the two versions of the iPad Pro: size of the new “11-inch” size “12.9-inch” design. This will be a big upgrade for the iPad Pro.

Expected to buy all the models on face recognition technology, Face ID and design the screen from edge to edge, without the ID fingerprint Touch ID, and perhaps even change the Smart Connector, and replace port Lightning USB port-C.

مؤتمر آبل القادم في 30 أكتوبر

Expect iPad Pro current size: 10.5 inches, 12.9 inches. Micro version of your iPad Pro may solution place version of the 9.7-inch, while the version of the 12.9-inch has lasted for two years.

Updates computers MAC

This year Apple released computers MacBook Pro sizes of 13-inch and 15-inch in July, adding to it screen True Tone, and the Hey Siri, options basic top without any event.

Computers MacBook

The company Apple is currently on version computer, simply called the MacBook. issuance of the Retina compared to 12 inches – there may be a version of the 13 inch replace laptop MacBook Air. There has been this rumor for quite some time with prices, as that would be devices in the range 1000 – 1500 dollars, and common Recent says it will recognition technology fingerprint Touch ID (without the bar touching).

مؤتمر آبل القادم في 30 أكتوبر

One of the biggest things unclear at the moment is what will happen to the computer, MacBook Air, and tried MacBook is 12 inches, وMacBook Pro without Touch Bar.

Computers Mac mini

When you talk about Mac computers that hasn’t been addressed years ago, comes to your Mac mini in particular. If entered to the store to Apple and buying a Mac mini new in 2018, then you buy hardware that was released in 2014. We expect that the updated Mac mini this fall in the end with modern specifications that can experiencing a rise in its price.

مؤتمر آبل القادم في 30 أكتوبر

An iMac

It is also planned to update an iMac, and one of the rumours that the new devices will include “significant upgrades in performance of the show” somehow.

It is worth mentioning that the last time Apple updated the range iMac was in June 2017 as part of the event WWDC, the entry iMac Pro the market in November 2017. It is possible to see updates for both women this month.

مؤتمر آبل القادم في 30 أكتوبر

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