What is an anthropomorphic robot, and why is their popularity growing?

How often have you heard the phrase ”anthropomorphic robot”? I think Yes, because lately more and more robots are trying to do exactly anthropomorphic. One of the most recent examples can be considered a robot of Theodore, which some time ago were sent to the ISS, and about which many spoke, including, and on our website. Let’s see why the recent mention of such robots become increasingly common, and most importantly, why the developers are trying to create them.

Such a robot can be very useful in everyday life

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What is anthropomorphic robot

First, let’s deal with the concept of an anthropomorphic robot. The word ”anthropomorphic” means not that other, as a humanoid, or humanoid. From this we can deduce the following definition:

Anthropomorphic robot robot that is similar to human structure and similar features

There is a little dip in history and to remember how science fiction imagined robots before scientists and engineers could develop appropriate experiments for their creation. Fiction is often not coming up with something new, but simply offered as options for the future what already exists, but improved. That is why, when he invented the automated assistant to the man, they were like him.

A humanoid robot from Toyota. Looks friendly.

When technology allowed us to begin to conduct research in the field of robotics, scientists have proposed variants of humanoid robots. That’s just to make them was quite difficult, but they had one significant advantage. Since they were look like they were supposed to win. That is, they are frightened man, on the other hand, showed the slope of the scientists who ”created a new man.”

I don’t know what a robot is, but when I see him, I understand that it’s a robot. Joseph Engelberg. American scientist and engineer.

Although sometimes with similarity goes bust. An example of this overkill can be a robot that is created and successfully uses Hiroshi Ishiguro. In 2009 he created his own complete copy, which not only looks like him, but is able to repeat his motion. Professor, which the British awarded the third place in top ten living geniuses, uses it for communication with my students and other people when unable to personally attend a lecture or meeting.

The Professor himself says that people quickly adapt to this situation and make communication with Android for communicating with this Ishiguro. It became possible thanks to elaborate mimicry of his brainchild. It mimics able, other things being equal, give a man to understand that it wasn’t a soulless machine, but a living person. Well, or to make him think.

Will be able without hesitation to say who Ishigura, and someone — his robotic copy? Can we discuss this in our Telegram chat?

The problem is that Android Professor Ishiguro accept this also due to the fact that he is able to speak normally, as a matter of fact he just translates the speech of a living person.

Modern robots can build dialogs, but so far they have it is not very good. They are either a little bit slow, or build a phrase that will not hear from a living person. If, at the same time, to equip such an Autonomous robot is a fully human appearance, in the manner of the androids Ishiguri, they will not attract, but rather repel. Even there were many relevant studies. They all came to the conclusion that people are not yet ready for a too realistic robot, as I don’t know what to expect from him. When dealing with that they begin to visibly get nervous and feel uncomfortable.

How are robots

While such robots that can mimic human, created by and large for entertainment only. Can I talk to them, to use as avatars, or to put them on the reception, as is done in a Japanese hotel, the name of which is translated into the Russian language as ”Strange hotel.” Not so long ago was even presented to the robots performing the role of intimate toys. In General, while it is more technology for technology’s sake. Later they will benefit, but it’s created just for fun and research.

Disassembled robot adult looks quite cool…

Much more benefit from the robots, which often have bizarre shapes, but is designed to perform specific tasks. For example, loaders, robots for car painting, underwater drones, and the like. All of them sharpened by the implementation, usually one specific task, but doing it very well. Moreover, they do not require complex balancing systems, as their anthropomorphic counterparts, and they are much easier to equip the batteries.

Importantly, after the appearance of the robot people not ischezli as the Mayan civilization. By the way, why did they disappear?

Examples of more versatile robots can serve as works of specialists of Boston Dynamics. Their robots can work wonders. Many of them need to be further elaborated and refined, but the demo videos they look very cool. Why are only the famous robot traceur and a robot dog. But for all its advantages, and the apparent benefit to the army, was never adopted due to the low autonomy and high level of noise. However, such robots can do so much more good when they will modify.

Such robots do specialists Boston Dynamics

Why do we need humanoid robots

However, recently, the robot again turned his gaze in the direction of anthropomorphic robots.

Here there is a mild surprise. On the one hand, scientists are not stupid (weird, huh?) and if they do it, so that makes sense. On the other hand, we understand that our body absolutely only from the point of view of simple existence. To work it not fit very well. It is not even about the weakness of the bones or the limits of pain threshold. I’m talking more about the features that will not allow, for example, to quickly shift the large metal sheets from place to place, as does the arm. Examples are many, but you get the idea.

The explanation of this love of chelovechnosti robots, except the desire to create their own kind, there can be only one. Humanoid robot is going to lose in the most specific tasks, but it will be the most versatile. In other words, he will be able to replace the person that he previously done myself. That is, he is not good at one particular thing, but it can be taught to do everything that man does. He will be able to replace the human behind the machine, then the network instead behind the wheel of a car, and just easy to navigate in urban environments without wheels and other manipulators. And all this will be one robot, not three different ones.

But it is also a robot. Just not anthropomorphic.

This has certain advantages, but so far to create such robots scientists did not work, and we can only wait when this will be possible. And given the speed of technology, I don’t think it will take too much time.

Another example of the use of humanoid robots may be working in tight spaces. They will be able to repeat the movements of the operator sitting in a safe place. This can also be useful in space. To work in the vacuum of space will not have to send a man in a spacesuit for a limited time, spending hours on preparation for the exit and return back, it will be possible to release the robot. In this case, the operator will have to simply stop, and then again to take its place and continue working. In theory, to manage such a text even with the Ground.

Robot S in. However, it is still not the most important.

By the way, one example of such robots is FEDOR, who recently spoke of each iron. We will not go into its details and look for the pros and cons. This is just an example of where such a robot can be useful and is likely to work in this direction will be intensified even more involving this all new companies and research institutes.

History of robotics

The history of robotics, as nothing else, shows the path of trial and error. So, first, we wanted to make a robot similar to himself, then realized that I need to do the machine devoid of our faults. Let it be only for one task, but to do it she will be very good. Now we know that both types of robots have the right to life.

At the same time, they are not competitors to each other. They will be able not just to coexist but also help each other. For example, the forklift is to be brought from a warehouse, the paint, the humanoid robot that the night shift will replace human drown it in a robot-painter and hit his mechanical thumb button on the remote. In the morning, the same panel will return man, and his mate put on charging.

That’ll teach the robots too much and they will for you even computer games to play.

You rightly ask, what you need is an intermediate in the form of a humanoid robot? Need it for the robots helped, not replace us. The example describes only one situation out of many in which the robots will control the robots, but leave a place for man. You can’t trust them too much. No matter how romantic was not a future to pass on to robots all their business can not be, otherwise we get the dystopia in real life.

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