What is a “Motion Photo” Samsung why Google has added support for this feature in their branded app

Samsung Motion Photo is a feature available on the Samsung flagship that captures several seconds of action taking place in front of the camera, right before you press the shutter button. The result is a short video or animated photos, which adds a bit of life and zest compared to conventional image.

App Motion Photo is available on several Samsung flagships, and similar functions available in other products of the ecosystem with the ability to export in GIF format. But despite the longstanding existence of this function in the popular Samsung devices, those photos are not “played” in Google Photos. But now users report that the branded gallery search giant’s Android, as well as the website became a moving image as it was conceived itself Samsung in the development of the feature Motion Photo.

Earlier in the Google Photos was a special button that showed that the image is animated, but the app did not show this movement. The user Reddit under the nickname affenhaendler noticed that now touch or click on the animated photos start its animation. Here is a video of this feature in action:

Pressing the play button “suspend” moving the photo so you have to click it again to start the movement be played cyclically. The reports have been for quite some time, but it finally worked for all users. Google Photos also takes a few minutes to process the photos, so from the result you can not see. To test innovation in action, users are also recommended to take pictures of a moving object, not easy to shake the camera while shooting a static scene, as Google photos, stabilizes movement, so in this scenario you will not notice anything.

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