What if I drowned a phone

The second most popular damage to the phone (after broken display), as a rule, becomes the penetration of liquid inside the device. Not surprisingly, for many, believing is confident in the waterproof properties of their smartphone and with a feeling of complete security allow him to come into contact with water. That’s just contact with the water for today’s smartphones not just undesirable — it leads to disastrous consequences.

Why is this happening? Most Android devices on the market now have protection or IP67 of IEC60529 standard. If you carefully study all details, you may find that such a standard will save the phone from splashes and dust, and over time, the protective properties of this type worse. It is noteworthy that the guarantee of the manufacturer extends only to get into the smartphone moisture; if the device is exposed to water, he has the right to refuse warranty repair (actually, it usually happens). In other words, you will have to repair at his own expense.

The dangerous ingress of water into the smartphone?

When water gets into the phone (even through the hole for a microphone or a speaker), it is a long time inside. As you know, water is a good conductor, therefore, bound currents may cause a short circuit. In the result, the oxidized contacts inside, there are problems with the battery and display, for example, appear white starbursts, stripes and spots on the screen. Water quickly penetrates between layers of the display module and enters the light. And the longer you delay the repair of the smartphone, after entering the water, the more modules get corrupted (and more expensive will be the repair).

What to do if the phone got water?

Do not dry it with hair dryer. It is a common myth that does not help, as the dryer can dry a smartphone inside. On the contrary, the dryer greatly increases the device temperature and can overheat one or more components. As a result, the cost of repairs after water ingress will add replacement of components.

Not to put the phone in rice. Another popular way to “withdraw” water from the smartphone. Yes, rice absorbs moisture, but does NOT collect water droplets from the phone. High, you will “dry” device from the outside, but inside will still be water, which will oxidize the contacts and produce a short circuit.

Do not attempt to disassemble the smartphone. First, without special tools make it very difficult, besides you need the required skills: we need to understand what and when you need to remove some parts were in disrepair, and what can still be saved. In the process of self-repair is also often possible to damage components of the phone including the display.

It’s best not to waste time and as quickly as possible to bring the mobile to the service center. The sooner the phone will be in the hands of specialists, the more likely to save it (and would be cheaper than repair). AndroidInsider.ru recommends a network of service centers IVESTORE, where the wizard will do everything possible to ensure that as soon as possible to eliminate the consequences of water ingress into the device. Experts use professional equipment, including microscopes, not to leave the slightest particle of moisture. By the way, in addition to repair after “flooding”, IVESTORE also engaged in other types of work — replacement battery, screen, chip and so on. To bring them not only Samsung, but also Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, LG and other models.

Remember that AndroidInsider.ru became the official partner of network of service centers IVESTORE, and in the framework of this cooperation, all our readers can get a 10% discount on repair of all types of Android devices. Suffice it to mention the promo code AndroidInsider when writing or given directly to the service center.

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