What if a selfie on a Galaxy S10 and other Samsung smartphones get mirrored

The front camera on Samsung smartphones (including the latest flagship device Galaxy S10, S10 Galaxy plus, Galaxy S10e), though not are the pinnacle of technological thought, still allow you to do quite high quality pictures. While I’m sure many people (including the author of these lines, by the way) have faced issue where photo taken on the front camera, it appears like I mirrored that, you see, not everyone will like. Now we will tell you how to fix it.

Samsung provides its users with a highly flexible configuration of virtually the entire system and all its various functions. Fortunately, there were among them a number of options for selfie lovers. But even if you are not consider, know about the availability of “inverting” the image will be very helpful. Someday it may be useful to you.

How to disable to mirror selfie on Samsung devices

  • Actually it’s all quite simple. To begin, open your smartphone the Camera app.
  • Now go to “Settings” (the gear which is located in the upper left corner).
  • Now right under the picture settings you should see an item called “save Options”. Click on it.
  • Next you will see only 2 points. The top is responsible for the format for saving images, but the lower once again and is responsible for whether otzerkalivat your self.

You can now save images from the front camera the way you want to. To ensure that your selfies always turned “upside down”, the required option should be disabled. Well, if you don’t want that and you want to see your photos the same as on the smartphone screen, just turn it on and enjoy high-quality images.

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