What he offers you iPhone? Advertising campaign new learning of the Apple to review the capabilities of the iPhone!

Recently started the Apple campaign via short video clips where how to use certain features in the iPhone which there’s no any another phone, such as the Safari browser, AirDrop and Speak Screen and other uses and detail possible for your iPhone.

ما الذي يقدمه لك الآيفون ؟ - حملة إعلانية تعليمية جديدة من آبل لاستعراض قدرات الآيفون!

What he offers you iPhone? – An advertising campaign for a new learning of the Apple to review the capabilities of the iPhone!

Continuing in that campaign the company published five educational videos new describes how to use the face lock Face ID to confirm your identity during login for the comments, particularly important which you need to score high safety.

The second video presents the speed of the support centers Apple TV, in case there is a problem in your phone and need help from the police, just click the icon Apple support you will get on the technical support service immediately.

And the second video, shows you how to change the key photo on your iPhone, that symbolize your image in the gallery, thanks to the Apple Live that makes the camera for iPhone capture the moment before and after you take the picture in 1.5 seconds, so you get more frames in one image you can choose among them to be is the firmware image in the photo gallery.

Did you know that you can access your boarding card on your iPhone? Thanks to one of the educational videos that have been released by Apple, you can see how to implement it.

When you receive a notification on your iPhone regarding your trip, click on them and you will see the boarding pass with your seat number, but it is clear that this is only available with airlines such as JetBlue.

Finally, the Apple that don’t need to worry about water or rain or spills with iPhones 2018, protects your iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max rating of IP68, which means that the phone can be submerged in about 5 feet of water for 30 minutes unharmed, it needs your iPhone XR to IP67 rating allows no immersion in water for longer than 3 feet for up to 30 minutes without incurring any damage.

Watched the video at the top and told us about the features you’re hearing about it for the first time, and features that are not mentioned in the top.

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