What has caused the fall of Bitcoin this week? Opinions of Russian experts

On Thursday, Bitcoin has shown while the worst fall in 2019, the cryptocurrency fell by 10 percent in just a few hours. Journalists, RIA Novosti tried to figure out what is actually linked to the collapse of the market. Judging by the results of a survey Russian experts are inclined to two versions — a normal correction and a gradual fading of investors ‘ interest in the industry.

Bitcoin is losing popularity

Professor, chair of financial management of REU named after G. V. Plekhanov Constantine Ordov noted a trend emerging in cryptomeria lately. According to him, the major users of trading platforms to massively withdraw their coins, as completely disappointed in the prospects of the market of digital assets.

Ordov said that over the last three months of wallets exchanges decreased by 6-8 percent, and some platforms took more than 20 percent of the customers. The departure of the traders provoked a drop in liquidity, which negatively affected the prospects of Bitcoin prices. A rise above $ 4,000 were not supported by the buyers, so cryptocurrency fell back down.

The President of the analytical Agency “Biznesprom” Arseniy Poyarkov says “fall hype” around Bitcoin and altcoins. The expert notes the low frequency of crypts in the normal news media, and the demand of the market for new investors.

However, Bitcoin is unlikely to fall below $ 2,000 in the foreseeable future. Over the past two years in mining cryptocurrency has invested a huge amount of money, so large mining companies clearly did not prevent the collapse of his main source of income.

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But the analyst of “Alpari” Vladislav Antonov has more optimistic forecast. He says the lack of high-profile news that would accompany the fall of Bitcoin. She cryptocurrency fell back down without any apparent reasons, more like a normal market correction. In this case the traders do not pay much attention to the volatility and daily movement of an asset.


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