What happened into today? The company shows you

I freaked out some users of Instagram where they will be during the last hours when they found themselves in a new version of the app asking them to drag horizontal to move between publications rather than drag the vertical.

After complaints on Twitter in response to tweets posted below, the regrets of Adam Moses-chairman of the Instagram where they said โ€œif that was supposed to be a simple test, but expanded more than expectedโ€, and added that he supposed to go back to the previous design users after force close the app then launch it from New.

This was stated by the Instagram or Facebook account on Twitter that the new interface was a malfunction of the application, not the test, but this does not seem accurate for the arrival of the update with instructions that explain how to interact with the new interface.

In both cases, it seems that the way to address the old back to investigate and it is not the intention to replace it soon; the companies tend to release updates available to raise the body partially, even if they saw the feedback about them is negative by a large decline rapidly, as seems the case here.

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