What happened at the conference Apple TV services 2019

In the beginning of this conference in most of what has been announced is the custom in the time of the current state of America and some other countries, perhaps in the coming years you will apply these services in the Arab world, so don’t talk too much, especially if I knew most of what was presented by Apple Day of Service is a subscription monthly, but I should mention that some of these services are wonderful and we wish to have as soon as most of the Arab countries.

Service news Apple TV plus +News

In application news, Apple added the Department of Health and Rebel the (+News) for the subscription of$ 9.99 per month. The service is available today with a version of the software updates Apple TV systems includes a subscription feature Family Sharing so that you can participate with up to six family members without any additional cost. The integration of the service directly in the app include the Journal of the National Geographe and Pueblo science and the New Yorker and more. Said the Apple TV if there are more than 5 billion articles read each month within the Apple News, which makes it the App News first in the world (maybe you didn’t hear the buzz of 😂). Description Apple its new service as a defense against the stunt titles sparkling without good content, with a focus on quality of the press.

This service will be only available now in the United States and Canada in English and French at the end of the year will apply to Europe began from England and Australia.

Service card Apple Card

We believe that this service is a surprise Apple in this conference, Apple launches a credit card of her own, so that users from within the application portfolio apply for this card then issued to them and is integrated within the application portfolio and deal it out as they deal with the credit cards such as Visa card user, but of course there are many benefits added by Apple for this card, but you should know it works by default within the application to the clipboard and you can pay it like any other card is compared with the application to the clipboard, And even it be a surprise to most announced the Apple TV that this card can be ordered printed so you can deal with stores that do not support the payment service, the Apple TV, but Apple TV won’t make I card they are manufactured strictly from titanium and there is only your name only and devoid of any other information.

But why the user to dispense with the credit card and deal card Apple TV? We believe Anne Apple entered strongly in the areas of payments and card Apple TV is the answer to the natural development of the credit card, this is a step that no-one dared to do, offered by Apple at this conference and offer solutions for all problems that we have when you pay with a credit card.

●The issuance of a new card is very easy just open the application to clipboard and press the button to get the card.

●You can pay in any place in the world through the application of clipboard or a version of a printed copy to deal with any place that does not support the payment service of Apple.

●Detailed reports on how to exchange your card and also the classes that are the conflict, such as dining or shopping or travel, with detail of each place and the amount that has been spent, no codes or address, makes you wonder how they spend that money.

●System equivalents clearly distracted every day, the Apple to refund $ 2% daily for what I spent and get the bonus in cash immediately and put it in your card.

●There is no fee or any penalties of any kind on the card Apple.

●Safety is the most important feature in the lining of the Apple, everything is locked and it works from your device and stores in a special encrypted and can not be anyone found on the procurement or price even Apple itself.

Even offer Apple TV this service was need not to cooperate with the bank has selected the bank “Goldman Sachs” and Mastercard, this will be a service available only to customers of America did not specify the launch date.

Service Apple TV for the arcade Arcade

It is a subscription service in the games will have more than 100 games new and exclusive, including original versions of iconic famous singers such as Hironobu Sakaguchi and Ken Wong, Wales, Wright, and many others. Leaving Apple for the arcade game rules, and pick games based on what are characterized by originality, quality, creativity and the ability to attract players of all ages. Will give Apple an arcade customer the freedom to experience any game from within its range of selected titles, which respects the user’s privacy, and they can play whenever they want without ads or tracking of advertising or additional purchases.

Will service Apple TV for the arcade innovative way to reach a range of new games entirely, which will not be available on any platform-mobile phones other or in any subscription service. Instead of payment in advance for each game, will participate in the Apple TV for the arcade players the chance to experience any game on the service without risk. Since every game includes experience her in full, including all game features and content, future updates, there would be no need for additional purchases. Will run every game without an internet connection, and many games support hardware control in games, as participants can play games Apple Arcade on iPhone devices and Mac and even Apple TV, they can continue playing from where they stopped, even when switching between devices. Will add new games to the service constantly.

Will be available Apple an arcade in the autumn of this year, will be made available in more than 150 countries it is believed that the Arab states will be of them since all this is evident from the lackadaisical Apple TV the status of Arabic content to the service.

Service Apple TV plus +TV

A new service to collect stories of the most creative minds in the world and encourages the programmes, films, movies, documentary, exclusive, authentic, and will include a new range of software from leading creators in the world such as “Oprah Winfrey”, “Steven Spielberg” and “Jennifer Aniston” and “Reese Witherspoon” and “Octavia Spencer” and others. Will be available to the service via the TV application Apple TV, will be able to the participants in the service to enjoy the story Original and inspiring enjoy the depth of emotion and characters interesting from all walks of life, without the ads according to demand.

In addition, Apple announced App Apple TV new channels to Apple TV that will be available in May 2019. Combines the application of the Apple TV entirely new different ways to share and discover movies, shows, sports, news etc in a single application on Apple devices and smart TV devices broadcast via the internet.

Users can subscribe to Channels TV the new Apple TV and watch them, and they can pay for the services that they want just, like HBO وSHOWTIME وStarz, all on demand and all are available whether they are connected to the internet or not, fantastic image quality and image, as they can enjoy sports and news TV networks from service providers via cable or satellite, as well as buy movies and programmes from iTunes or rent them, all within the app Apple TV new dedicated.

Will advertise the availability of Service +TV to participate in the video and their prices later this fall. The application will Apple TV entirely new to the equipment Apple TV in more than 100 countries through software update is free in the month of May, will be to the Mac in the autumn underway.

You can watch the conference Apple TV in a nutshell In this video

Tell us from the beginning, I don’t talk too much, you probably won’t up the Arab of these services only service games Apple TV for the arcade, but tell us what is the service that you wish really to reach the Arab world soon? And what is your impression of the conference of the Apple TV?

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