What Google needs to learn from Samsung

Since in October, Google started to sell its smartphone Pixel 3 XL, he was always with me. However, this week I finally got their hands on the new Galaxy S10 and S10e Galaxy. After these smartphones a couple of days, I have had a few thoughts about what Google might look at and borrow from the Samsung to the upcoming and highly anticipated Pixel 4 turned out to probably better than its predecessor.

This screen is just perfect

Google has focused a lot of attention on the display for its new family of smartphones Pixel, and is right away seen. Compared to Pixel 2 XL, which was before him, Pixel 3 was kind of a breath of fresh air. However, the Galaxy S10 is still far surpassed him in this aspect.

Indoors and under normal lighting the screen of the Galaxy S10 is slightly brighter compared to Pixel 3 XL. However, whenever I go outside for any reason, I’m reminded of how bright really can be screen Samsung. I have no doubt that the new Pixel will again use displays made by Samsung, but I hope that the quality will be much closer to what offers Galaxy S10, especially terms of brightness.

True multitasking

When you intensively use any smartphone, you will often notice performance problems. Even with over the stock Android heavy software layer in the form of the original shell, multitasking Galaxy S10 works perfectly, and for that I must commend Samsung.

It all works so well largely due to the fact of how much RAM in this smartphone, a whopping 8 GB. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3 XL, which I usually use only 4 GB, and it shows. On this device the app reboot almost constantly, and although for me it’s not a problem, it’s annoying.

Galaxy S10, on the other hand, managed to keep applications in memory during the whole day without the need of restarting when I go back to some of them. Needless to say, I’m happy, and Google should definitely take note. If the Pixel 4 will be at least 6 GB of RAM, I would recommend to take Galaxy S10 instead.

I would give anything to camera Pixel run as fast

Yes, the camera Pixel 3 is still the best mobile camera to date. The Samsung may be more modules, but Google’s software is so good that with one camera allows you to get consistent great photos.

The problem, however, is that the camera app Google is working painfully slowly, and with smartphone usage time everything is just getting worse. I used a 3 Pixel XL so long that you honestly forgot about how bad work the camera app, while double-pressed the power button on the Galaxy S10 to make the image, and the image in the viewfinder appeared almost instantly. Then I took a picture and it also happened in an instant.

Google tried to solve this problem with updates, but comparing downloading camera Pixel with the Galaxy S10 still not in favor of the former. It’s not quite up to a new sipname Snapdragon 855 or 8 GB of RAM because my Galaxy S9 is loaded about as fast. Sometimes, for example, when I tried to shoot some video, Pixel is loaded and started relieves quickly, but in other cases, the download was awfully slow. However, S10 is loaded quickly every time.

In Pixel 3, Google has taken into account all the outrage of their fans about the terrible display Pixel 2 XL. If the company still listens to the community Pixel team needs and this time, to make every effort to fix, finally, this terrible problem with slow camera.

Some cameras have their advantages

A long time using the two cameras boiled down to marketing course. It was just fashionable terms in the slogans for marketing campaigns that actually had little to do with reality: a telephoto lens and a monochrome sensor that give some benefit for portrait shots and General photo quality. And finally, apparently, the manufacturers of smartphones spied something from LG.

With the Galaxy S10 in all three versions of the smartphone Samsung added ultrasonically lens that shoots at an angle of 123 degrees. That’s what it was from LG since the days of the G5, and I’m so glad to see that other companies began to use similar technologies in their devices. Although in some shots with this lens much distortion, the overall result is still good.

I gave one point for Google that used her smartphone and saw how good may be only one main camera, but some cameras have their advantages. As for the Pixel 4, it would be just great if Google added a wide angle module in addition to the main. In the end, they’ve done similar with front camera Pixel 3, so why not repeat it on the primary?

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