What gamepads can be used with Google Stadia

Just a few hours ago, the CEO of Google Sandar Pichai on the stage of your company stand during the game developers Conference, has announced a new gaming media service called Stadia. About this event we immediately wrote and told that this such and with what it eat. With Google revealed its own gamepad, which, not surprisingly, will need in order to play the games Stadia. Is it possible to use Stadia with controllers from other manufacturers? And if so, what? To these questions, we will reply directly in this material.

Stadia without restrictions

Gamepad Stadia was the only “piece of iron”, which Google unveiled during the announcement of its streaming gaming service. For the most part this controller is not much different from the other ones and looks like a mixture of controllers from the popular Xbox and Playstation, but Google wouldn’t be myself if I would not give your controller a couple of interesting features.

An ordinary-looking gamepad Stadia there are two unique buttons: “Share” and “Google now”. The purpose of these buttons is easy to guess from their names. The “Share” button will allow the player to stream your gameplay or share the video on YouTube, and the button “Google now” will trigger the same name the voice assistant. To control the latter on the controller has a built-in microphone that can handle your commands and questions.

In addition, the controller Stadia you will need to connect to Chromecast. It is a key way to play games Stadia on your TV, and, according to Vice President Phil Harrison Google, you will not be able to connect to Chromecast without an official gamepad Stadia. Like, everything indicates that for the use of Stadia, it is necessary to purchase branded gamepad Google. It’s not bad news, but, nevertheless, there is good.

The good news is that you don’t need Stadia gamepad to stream games from the cloud. Stadia is configured to work with any controllers, if they support a way to connect via USB or Bluetooth, so you can, as mentioned before, play on any device that has a screen and a Chrome browser. On the Internet you can find many analogues of the original controller Stadia and they will be much more functional – for example, like this beauty pictured below.

How to buy a gamepad Stadia?

Unfortunately, corporate controller from Google is impossible to buy. At the time of writing this article, the controller Stadia is not available for pre-order. We don’t even know about the possible prices, the timing of the sales or where they can be bought. As soon as some information on this topic, we will immediately inform their readers about it.

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