What feature unites all modest people?

Surely among your relatives and friends there are people who are particularly shy. Behind them can stand years of education in prestigious universities, experience with celebrities and unimaginable financial success, but to show off their achievements these people do not want. But does this mean that they devalue their achievements, or the reason for their reticence lies in another? Researchers from the U.S. state of North Carolina decided to find out what is under a still implies the word “modesty”. It turned out that all humble people are United by one point of view.

Humble people are more valued in society

Identifying common personality traits of all modest people engaged researchers Chloe Banker and mark Leary, who work at Duke University (USA). They gathered a group of volunteers from 419 people, among whom were men and women of different ages, social status and character. All were asked to complete a questionnaire about their personal achievements that cause them to have a sense of pride. Also they were required to specify how it should relate to the surrounding people assuming that they know about their life achievements.

What is modesty?

Subsequently, each participant of the experiment were evaluated by psychologists on the level of modesty, narcissism , and other personality traits. After reviewing the questionnaires, the researchers found that shy people did not devalue their achievements in life. But they believe that their personal results should not influence the attitude of others to them. From this it follows that humility is not a belittling of its merits, and the confidence that achievements are not a reason for a special relationship to man.

As said the British diplomat and writer Philip Chesterfield: “In pursuit of praise the best bait is modesty”

Such an attitude to its own merits in scientific language is called gipokaliemicski the rejection of the law, or hypo-egoic nonentitlement. The researchers examined in detail this phenomenon in an article published in Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. In the future, a group of researchers wants to test the loyalty of his claims in the course of a broader study, involving a larger number of volunteers. In addition, they plan to find out why modesty is so highly valued in society.

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Why people are shy?

It would be interesting to see how people have taken modesty, but scientists can not yet answer this question. Perhaps this trait is transmitted to humans inherited or formed due to external impact. For example, in early childhood, the child may notice the modesty of their parents and unwittingly taught them that no matter how successful it was, other people do not need to treat him better than the others.

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There is also the possibility that modesty arises due to problems in school. The fact is that if a child is exposed to harassment from peers, in his mind there are a lot of changes. Even if you consider that bullying at school can cause poor performance and lead to failure in adult life, many children can achieve great success. But they can understand that their results are not something supernatural, and other people don’t have to treat them with special respect.

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