What element will lose iPhone SE 2?

SE the release of iPhone second generation will be held next month, according to Japanese resource Mac Otakara, citing informed sources. According to available information, the smartphone will preserve the most distinguishing features of its predecessor, but will lose one of the functional element.

This element, according to Mac Otakara, will be a headphone Jack. Is whether the measure is forced or Cupertino just decided to bring our budget range in accordance with an older, unknown. If the information is confirmed, the only Apple smartphone with a mini-Jack available for purchase, will remain the iPhone 6s.

Hardware-based iPhone SE 2 will be a Fusion A10 processor and 2 GB of RAM, Mac Otakara claims that corresponds to the predictions of Ming-Chi Kuo. A more recent chipset will provide mobile support codecs HEIF and HEVC, as well as generally improve its performance compared to the previous generation model.

Earlier this month, the Eurasian economic Commission has given Apple permission to sell in the territory EAS of several new iPhone models. Registration documents do not contain information about the hardware component of innovations, confirming the version of the operating system on which they will work.

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