What does the absence of HTC and LG and Huawei for the MWC 2018 is?

The right company Huawei bought my LG and HTC drop out of the encore with a great new during the exhibition MWC 2018. Although this news might disappoint a lot of fans of this company and its smart but always what we hope to be a delay in the interest of the organization.

Although the resolution of three companies seem to just away from the coast and leaving it to Samsung and Sony, which obviously they have phones strong will be disclosed, only that the phones of these companies may also benefit from the extra time.

Huawei have already told you in Paris next month, which since I sent for large sites call it became clear that the Chinese company will leave Barcelona for Samsung.

What does the absence of Huawei for the MWC 2018 is?

Huawei may have more of a reason to postpone her appearance until after MWC 2018, although rival Samsung may be already of reasons but it is possible that the company did produce some of the design of the P20 or the next phone, whatever his name was, or at least didn’t put the finishing touches that make it ready to be marketed, and perhaps also the company did not ascertain the production of the appropriate amount.

And it is possible that early detection of the phone delay shipping pre-orders for the phones, it is no good waiting for a person’s phone for weeks. Also can be one of the reasons they are partners they’ll work on phones Samsung Huawei at the same time.

What about the absence of LG and HTC’s?

Although the absence of LG and HTC -where will you be LG phone rate from V30 only the advantages of the special artificial intelligence – on the MWC this year certainly will make a difference, but we already have to achieve better later on, especially that their decision sounds right. During the period, financial companies suffered declines and failures of large, so to give themselves some time to audit and perhaps change the full strategy probably comes with positive results.

LG expected to reveal later about the phone that will replace the G7 after the end of the safety cell G6, which we don’t know his name or any details about it until now. While we wait for HTC to reveal her phone’s big New that could be called U12 lurking from the eyes of the rumors also during the financial period.

This topic what does the absence of HTC and LG and Huawei for the MWC 2018 is? Appeared first on say Delta technology.

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