What does it mean the end of iTunes for users of iOS?

One of the biggest announcements that came out of the conference Apple’s annual developers wasn’t about something new but rather the death of something old and familiar for users of Apple where the company announced the idea transfer iTunes to retire after almost 18 years old and submit separate applications to provide services that it offers.

Over the years, the iTunes of months of Apple products, which has been used in the foundation to form music files, and then added Apple’s many features and functions it became an iTunes play other roles a lot next to music playback such as streaming movies and owning an e-store and sync files with multiple devices, but soon began to popular iTunes extinction during the financial period, after services have emerged a giant in the field of Broadcast Music and movies like Spotify and Pandora and Netflix are available and others, however, when there is a big change, start many of the questions to emerge and let us recognize it:

What will happen to purchases iTunes your own?

Maybe this is a question that comes to the top of the list for all Apple users, and answer them very easy, because all the purchases made by the user to the iTunes application safe will delete and you will find the user all of the safety with independent app which will replace iTunes and each app offers special content different from the other applications is the application of music, podcasts and television.

What about music, how do I get it?

Comes Music app Apple Music on your Mac with the new operating system Catalina, you will be able to listen to the music that you love and restore them with the playlists that you have created and if you want to buy a song or album, you must go to the store within the music application and buy your favorite songs.

Also, you can access to follow iTunes through the sidebar on the design within the music application, according to Apple, you will be able to subscribers the music application hide store all the safety, when you talk about the subscription for a streaming music service which works with all Apple devices, it will prompt the user for 9.99$ and let the service run and download music from library Apple, which include up to 50 million songs.

Where is your movies is your favorite?

Comes application Apple TV in the future on your Mac, this app will be is your new home for video content and movies to your favorite, and you can rent or buy movies and TV shows and the new from within the app announced Apple that the user will be able to view the visual content of his favorites around the enormous 4K and the HDR.

If you have an iPhone already, you’ll get the idea of what it will look like you applied the TV, and in the application you will have written your own film, there are recommendations of movies that you can watch them as you participate in the broadcast services through the channels of Apple, and apply the TV from Apple the place that you can rent and buy shows and TV shows and movies of your favorite.

Where are the files of the voice broadcast or podcast of your own?

Apple has announced that there is an application separate will be responsible for the service of broadcast audio after turning off iTunes, you will you can a new app of browsing files broadcast and run the files that you have downloaded with ease, and tends to broadcast application alternative to iTunes in its ability to bring the subject of voice broadcast your favorite which try to find her thanks to the adoption of application techniques of machine learning, Apple says they will Index the content within the episodes of the podcast so the user can search for broadcasts they want without a problem.

Where are your audio books?

There is no new application to separate audio books, and then when the user knows an audio book and listen to it through iTunes, will the user on application to the books Apple “Apple Book” app Pat works with the latest version of the new operating system macOS Catalina as you will be processing purchase audio books within this app.

How you can sync Apple devices to your own?

You will be able to sync your iOS devices as in the past although the end of the service iTunes, but the new step that the synchronization process will appear in the application Finder Finder instead of iTunes, when you connect your Apple devices to your Mac, it will appear that the devices automatically in the window of the application Finder, as you will be able to transfer files on your iPhone or iPad and create backups for your files is simple and fast with the new system macOS.

Where going to store iTunes on the iPhone and iPad’s?

According to Apple, the iTunes store will work on devices The your iOS, as you will still be able to buy music, TV shows and movies through the app, besides, you will find new applications also, such as Apple’s music and T in the podcast on your iPhone, iPad your mark on it, you will still be able to rent or buy the visual content of your Favorite also through the application of T’s.

What will happen to iTunes on the application of the Apple t in?

Through the new operating system tvOS, which will be launched this autumn, will be integrated into the music application in the application of T-in from Apple, this means that you will use for your music on the Apply TV update.

What will happen to the iTunes store for users of Windows?

Apple has announced they do not plan to finish the iTunes of the Windows operating system, reports suggest that the version of iTunes custom windows will remain as it is even now, so if you’re one of the users of Windows won’t affect those new changes.

What happens if I update to macOS Catalina is?

Nothing will happen, you will continue having iTunes on devices that run previous versions of the operating system macOS, so if you decide not to upgrade your system now, then you can ignore all the previous mentioned in the current time.

In short, the death of iTunes right now is the problem of the owners of Mac’s who will have a system of macOS newer Catalina, the owners of older versions system Windows, as is the situation for them at the current time.

Do you rely on the application to iTunes and use it, tell us in the comments?



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