What do you mean those icons that appear on the screen of the vehicle?

ماذا تعني تلك الرموز التي تظهر على شاشة المركبة ؟

Know the identity of those symbols that appear on the screen and your driving with your modern, some of those icons benign and in any case when there is a glitch in the operating system, many of which predicts the existence of a problem you have traded in the nearest time, after I finished and discovered many traditional beliefs that were understood by young and old, turned to the symbols of technical displays by the intelligent computer that controls the vehicle, we here to understand about your of those symbols.

The attached picture you know all, which means the computer on the display of those symbols and if those symbols don’t meet in one vehicle, but a lot of them for you it is important to recognize them as related to traffic lights traditional, knowing what this code might be a reason to solve a major problem before they happen with a lot of money.

What do you mean those icons that appear on the screen of the vehicle?

  • 1 refers to the headlamp fog
  • 2 refers to the power will be strange
  • 3 refers to the light of the rear fog
  • 4 refers to water spaces
  • 5 refers to the light cloth of
  • 6 refers to the cruise control
  • 7 refers to the bulb direction ( right or left )
  • 8 refer to the account of the rain and light
  • 9 refers to the status of the winter
  • 10 refers to the index information
  • 11 refers to index ignition / diesel cars
  • 12 refers to the index and or the stick manufacture
  • 13 refers to the indicator warning concept of operation
  • 14 refers to open non-existent drive, so drive with the deaf.
  • 15 indicates a weak battery ( in cars with deaf people )
  • 16 refers to the distance / so by radar
  • 17 refers to the clutch pedal
  • 18 refers to the pedal BRICS
  • 19 indicates a lock sterol sponge .
  • 20 refers to the high light
  • 21 refers to the indicator of tire pressure
  • 22 refers to the index of collateral damage.
  • 23 refers to the failure in addition to external
  • ماذا تعني تلك الرموز التي تظهر على شاشة المركبة ؟
  • 24 refers to the warning bulb brake
  • 25 refers to the warning of the diesel filter
  • 26 refers to the system connecting the trailer to the trucks
  • 27 refers to the system of hydraulic
  • 28 refers to the routing system – tracks
  • 29 refers to a conversion system stimulation
  • 30 belt drive
  • 31 refers to the bulb brake manual
  • 32 refers to the battery indicator
  • 33 refers to the account line
  • 34 refers to the index service and maintenance
  • 35 refers to a system of moving lights ( right and left )
  • 36 refers to moving the lights up and down
  • 37 refers to the alarm rear wing / see
  • 38 refers to the indicator of the ceiling of the museum .
  • 39 refers to the bulb need
  • 40 warning / handset brick
  • 41 index poly of water in the fuel filter
  • 42 refers to the bulb to disable the alert
  • 43 refer to bulb mechanical fault .
  • 44 refers to the bulb searchlights
  • 45 refers to the bulb air filter
  • 46 refers to the index of economic leadership
  • 47 refers to the system of supporting the integrity of the highlands
  • 48 refers to the bulb warning from the heat .
  • 49 refers to the ABS system
  • 50 refers to the bulb filter gasoline
  • 51 refers to the bulb doors of the car.
  • 52 refers to the bulb hood
  • 53 bulb fuel level in the car .
  • 54 refers to the bulb of the army automatic.
  • 55 refers to the bulb of a specific maximum speed.
  • 56 refers to the bulb assistance
  • 57 indicates the oil level is low
  • 58 bulb defogger, trade
  • 59 bulb trunk of the car
  • 60 refers to the anti-slip
  • 61 on account of the rain
  • 62 bulb engine.
  • 63 to remove fog or frost – glass, rear
  • 64 system running spaces.
  • 65 The vehicle fully operational Power Mode

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