What do you know about the Google service Project Fi?

This topic what do you know about the Google service Project Fi? Appeared on Engadget.

Google provide the operating system for many of the phones in addition to phones pixel camera, and now the company will provide data service for phones and also through the Project Fi.

And it has been the launch of the Project Fi network in 2015 as an alternative to the data of wireless phone devices is limited from Google, where Google’s use of the combination of a Wi-Fi connection and from the 3 providers for the service to keep users connected to the internet, and charge a fee only what is used, which may appeal to many users who pay a fee the whole bunch even if there data is not used in case they had the appropriate device.

Project Fi

What is the network used by the Project Fi

The draft Project Fi network provider to another network to provide cellular coverage, where it is used 3 carriers the service they are Sprint, T-Mobile and the carrier cell of the regional United States. And shows Google that the Project Fi determines which carrier has the fastest network in your location and, in the case of moving to an area where another partner mobile network has the best coverage will be the trend for the better.

Also, the Project Fi delivers your chats, texts and data via Wi-Fi network when a wireless network, and the Google switch power between Wi-Fi and cellular communications; and reliance on Wi-Fi that allows submission of monthly bills lower as compared to companies providing the service great.

Phones that can use the Project Fi

Moto X4

Before that he can only use phones with Google service such as a phone Nexus 5X, Nexus phone 6P, the phone pixel camera phone pixel camera XL phones pixel camera 2. And now it has joined the phone Moto X4 for phones that can use the service, and the phone uses a system similar to the system of Android rough. Phone Moto X4 is available at a price of $ 399 through a service Project Fi, which allows you to get the service at a lower cost if you don’t want to buy a phone pixel 2.

Google says it’s the challenge of compatible devices with Project Fi because the devices need to be able to support a partner Project Fi SIM which works with networks of multiple carriers. You can buy a phone pixel 2 and pic sender 2 XL for the same price through a service Project Fi, buying through Google ensures you get software updates and security immediately provide. And let you the service to transfer your current phone number to the service Project Fi when you sign up.

The best subscription plans in service of Project Fi

Project Fi plans

Provides Project Fi data plan is one which is Fi Basics, which provide the chat has unlimited text (including international texting) at a price of $ 20 per month. The user can estimate the amount of data of LTE you will use each month, with payment of $ 10 per GB, which you’re using 3 GB a month you will add $ 30 more to the bill, which means you will pay $ 50 each month. Given that the Project Fi connection uses Wi-Fi when it is available, it is assumed that the used data LTE less than which you may use with the operator of network a traditional. But this does not compare well with other save service low cost, for example, provide MetroPCS plan gives the user 5 GB at a price of $ 40 per Month, this amount allows you to buy 2 GB only in the Project Fi.

However, what makes a service Project Fi interesting is that you won’t have to pay for any data not used, where it is supposed to be a reply almost 1 cent for every MB of unused of the plan; for example, if you choose to buy 3 GB and have used only 2.2 GB will be about $ 8 will appear as a credit on your next bill.

It adds the advantage of Bill Protection of new data is not limited to, Project Fi, a service now put a cap for your monthly Bill of $ 80 dollars per month or 6 GB of data in the framework of the pricing of the Google $ 10 per GIGABYTE; but you will be able to use the data if you exceed 6 Gb without increasing the bill. Only when up to 15 GB of data during the month you will start Google slow data speeds.

You can add other people to the account of the Project Fi compared to 15 US dollars per line, each person on the account uses data from the same package, for example if a family of 4 members used 9.5 GB will pay $ 160 per month, which is charged by the company T-Mobile on a family is limited. The advantage of Bill Protection with polylines also, but the limit varies according to the number of data lines.

Special features offered by the Project Fi

Project Fi plans abroad

In addition to the discounts on data not used, customers can Project Fi to use their phones as wireless communication without additional cost, and comes any data they use from their monthly allocation.

It is possible and interesting Special Services Project Fi network is the possibility to take advantage of our regular data in 135 countries, without having to pay any roaming charges, which may appeal to international users. This is the best of the competitors; for example, the company allows you T-Mobile use unlimited data when traveling in 140 countries, but they severely limit the data speed, while Verizon break fee ranging between $ 5 and 10 USD (or local currency equivalent) per day depending on the place you help him to use the data plan outside the United States.

The plan includes international texting is limited, and phone calls in 135 countries 20 cents per minute to cellular communications, different prices for calls to Wi-Fi.

It also provides Project Fi a referral program, where you get a balance of $ 20 for any friend or relative becomes a joint Project Fi remains active for 30 days, including pay for two months of service. You can enjoy up to 10 accounts a referral, any up to $ 200.

The views of customers in the service Project Fi

The users of the service to publish their assessments on the application of Project Fi, which seems from them that the service received a lot of plaudits. Got the service on the assessment of the 4.6 degrees of 5, and more than 80% of the customers 5 star service. The complaints of the few on the app quality calls.

Praised the customer service and the simplicity of the billing system; but they pointed to the limited number of supported phones.

There are some obvious advantages to serve the Project Fi network, such as direct billing to the balance Retriever monthly data is used, and the advantage of Bill Protection Google service more attractive to users of large amounts of data.


This topic what do you know about the Google service Project Fi? Appeared on Engadget.

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