What do we know about the Windows system 10X?

During the previous Microsoft conference started some of the details appear about a new operating system called Windows 10X and later show that this system often will work on some devices that were advertised and specifically device Microsoft Redistributable to bending, which is normal because this type of devices needs to be custom systems.

If it was real work windows to 10X on your service new amazing they are most amazing part is that the system may work also on notebooks! This is according to official document out of Microsoft suggests that the system will work on desktops and laptops, here are some pictures of the system:

It seems that the new system will focus on delivering excellent performance along with a graphical interface as simple as that according to reports will get the basics of the windows, namely the taskbar, Start menu, except that its name will change to become the Launcher which shows their shape in the photo above.

The new system will also feature a system you know on the face depends on the camera or hardware of your device the same based on Windows Hello a well-known and this feature will work more smoothly on devices that come Windows 10X is ready.

Windows 10X will also feature a file manager a whole new which would the “Modern File Explorer” will be fully equipped to work on touch devices which is missing in current Windows 10. First impressions for Windows 10X would be with the Surface device new in the next year, are you excited not?

Source: Gizmochina

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