What do we expect from watchOS 6

When in 2015 were presented the original Apple Watch, few believed that the smart clock will be able so quickly to conquer the market. The company managed, in fact, impossible – for its Apple Watch sales pass even the famous Swiss watch brands. Right now is the most popular and recognizable wristwatches in the world. To maintain leadership is not so easy – which is why the company should consolidate its success, releasing innovative watchOS 6, I’m sure the journalist MacWorld’s Jason Cross. They had made the list of the most awaited innovations.

The article was published in the blog MacWorld.

New third-party watchfaces

For some reason, Apple still does not provide developers the tools to create dials. Users have to use only the built-in set. It looks strange on the background of the fact that the watch is, first and foremost, individual accessory. Apple gives me the straps, but you can’t configure your own dials. One can only hope that in 6 watchOS the situation will change for the better.


Already for anybody not a secret that the voice assistant needs a global improvement. And especially the Apple Watch. First and foremost, because of the speed. Even the fastest version of the Apple Watch Series 4, the voice assistant may think even over the most simple and elementary questions.

Sleep tracking

Almost all manufacturers producing wearable devices, has added to their gadgets tracking sleep. As polls show, a function of tracking sleep is one of the most popular among users. Take the “smart alarm clock”. This option which will allow you to Wake the user in the REM sleep, which allows for easy revival. Apple regularly talks about the role that human life plays a healthy sleep, however, support the most obvious option is still there.


In watchOS 5 was carried out serious work — now smart watch can automatically detect when the user is engaged in a specific sports or workouts. But Apple has room to grow. For example, why not implement a smart algorithm that takes into account the amount of sets and reps. Personal trainer in hours — what could be better?

Sounds and haptic feedback

On your iPhone you can fine-tune the melody alerts or call. Alas, this operation is not possible on Apple Watch. Users have to be content with preloaded sounds and tactile response. Why not add a special item that would allow you to configure all of this personally for each user? This question still remains unanswered.

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