What do the letters “S” and “R” in the names of iPhone and iPhone XS XR

The letter “S” and “R” in the names of the iPhone XS and XR the iPhone are not the abbreviation of any words as it was in the 3GS model, confirmed Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior Vice President of Apple Inc. in international marketing, in an interview with Engadget. Contrary to conjectures about the meanings of the letters used in the naming of the flagship smartphone, many of which seem quite plausible, the Apple gives them a completely different meaning.

According to Schiller, using the letters “R” and “S”, Apple focuses on the similarity of their smartphones with special versions of the cars equipped with a turbocharged engine and different higher propensity for fast driving.

“I love cars and everything fast,’ said Schiller. — “R” and “S” are letters that are used by automakers in the names of cars, indicating that they differ from other models.”

iPhone XR — is it worth buying

Despite the lower price XR the iPhone, said a top Manager, the smartphone is equipped with a processor A12 Bionic with updated technology and the Neural Engine, and the iPhone XS provides unrivaled performance.

The idea to release the iPhone XR nurtured for several years, admitted Schiller. According to him, Apple had a new set of technologies, which were to form the basis of the most innovative smartphone company, which became the iPhone X. But it would be very unfair to leave such breakthrough solutions unique to one model. And then it was decided to expand the line, adding a more affordable version of the flagship device, which would be able to afford much more people than previously.

Apple has every right to associate with their new racing cars. iPhone XS showed itself from the best side, coming out victorious from many tests on speed, the participants of which become the top flagships on Android, and also won the title of smartphone with the best display.

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