What data do we trust Apple (and protected)

The last time Apple seriously raises the issue of privacy – even one of the new commercials dedicated to iPhone privacy. And although many do not even know what data they transfer from their devices the company from Cupertino, this does not mean that the information is not protected. On the contrary, the issue of personal space is very important for Apple – enough to remember her conflict with the FBIwhen a Corporation was to unlock the iPhone.

What information do we trust Apple

If it limps security information about your private life could become public or fall into the hands of detractors. Smart phones and computers today we need. They know about us almost everything. Here is the information that we trust our devices and, most likely, would not want to trust to someone else:

  • The location of your family and children
  • Contact information
  • Personal photos and videos
  • Information about the health
  • Information about Bank accounts, credit cards and Finance
  • Passwords and accounts
  • Information about shopping
  • Personal and working correspondence
  • Voice messages and much more

Smartphones and computers can also become victims of hackers. With their help, attackers can:

  • Follow you using the built-in camera
  • Listen to you using built-in microphone
  • Track your location using the integrated GPS receiver
  • To track your Network activity
  • Listen to your phone conversations and much more

Regularly there is information about new viruses for Android operating system that allow attackers to monitor users. IPhone owners are protected from this.

How Apple protects data

We are to give important information to us using iCloud. On Apple servers it is safe. iCloud uses AES encryption with a key length of 128 bits, and these keys are not shared with outside parties. For storage of your iCloud keychain uses AES 256-bit algorithm, AES. Here’s your data that is stored in iCloud and securely encrypted:

  • Calendars
  • Contacts
  • Bookmark
  • Notes
  • Reminders
  • Photo
  • Documents in the cloud
  • iCloud Drive
  • Backup
  • Find my iPhone
  • Find friends
  • ICloud keychain
  • Mail
  • iCloud.com
  • iTunes in the cloud

How secure is data in the iPhone

In the iPhone, Apple uses 256-bit AES encryption, which does not allow applications to access data not intended for their work. The encryption keys are stored in a separate memory area, and data about your fingerprints or Face ID. Applications have no access to this information, the smartphone is constantly updating the keys. In other words, if the FBI wishes to obtain information from an iPhone the attacker, it is better to focus our efforts on the iCloud. iPhone will not give the data until the password is entered, and after a few incorrect attempts to enter the password it will remove them.

How secure is the data in the Mac

Mac computers equipped with software encryption tool called FileVault 2, which you can configure in the system settings. FileVault 2 uses 128-bit AES encryption. Has all the necessary tools to ensure that all your data and encryption keys at the right moment removed.

How secure is the data in the Apple Watch

Few know that the data in the Apple Watch is protected not worse. Apple says that watch uses an encryption method similar to that used in iOS. Apple Watch will also use encryption IDS to communicate with the iPhone. When you try to connect the Apple Watch with another iPhone have to suffer and say goodbye to data. In other words, your data is safe on your watch experience is not necessary.

So your data is protected, and, most likely, they will not fall into the wrong hands. At least if you do not trigger it — unfortunately, it can be done unconsciously.

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