What cryptocurrencies used most often in the last year?

According to analysts Weiss Ratings, even after the bearish trend 2018, many investors continue to use Althingi. While coins are kept not only for mere speculation, but for practical purposes. In its recent report, the experts mentioned the four most popular project in cryptocommunist.

The growth in the number of transactions in 2018

For more details see the blog analysts. So, for 2018 four projects industry experienced a strong growth of interest of users around the world. The prices of the coins had fallen by 80 percent. In other words, between the market situation and practical use of those or other cryptocurrencies, there is almost no correlation.

From February 2018, the number of transactions EOS increased from 7 thousand to 4.6 million a day. TRON showed similar results — 3 thousand transactions at the start of the project against 1.9 million translations TRX today. The four also entered BitShares and WAX.

The relevance of these four altcoins increased on average by 2700 percent. The total number of transactions increased from 433 thousand to 12.4 million. According to analysts Weiss Ratings, between the current trend in kriptonyte and the dot-com bubble can hold a clear parallel. At the beginning of this century the adoption of information technology has increased by leaps and bounds, despite the rapid decline of stock prices of major IT companies.

However, not all transactions can be considered “useful”. For example, the number of transfers in the network EOS 14 times more than Bitcoin. However, the BTC blockchain is still the most valuable in the industry. In addition, the number of transactions of the main cryptocurrency analysts did not include activity on the Lightning Network.

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