What could be the official web version of Apple Music

The Apple Music service is present on all popular platforms – Mac, iOS, Android and Windows. But for some reason, a music service and have not got the web version. Only good news is that the company provides developers official access to the API, which allows enthusiasts to create their own solutions. One of such undertakings is a browser-based application Musish.

Despite the fact that this web version of Apple Music was entirely developed by enthusiasts, the player looks very modern and fresh. The developers claim that the service for its speed surpasses iTunes. We tested the web player in action and ready to assure you — it’s not allegations, it’s really quick.

So, how to start using the service?

  • Next, you need to log in with your Apple ID. (It’s completely secure as the service uses the official API, and the authorization is done with the help of special tokens. This ensures that no data will be passed on to third parties).

  • Signing in with your account, we will receive full access to the Apple Music library. The interface of the web application is not overloaded, and hence to understand it will not be difficult.

Musish supports all key features of Apple Music. All the playlists, topics, and search again in their original places. What is particularly interesting, the service even supports transferring songs from the computer. The same browser-based application, this opportunity has not yet started. A great option if you don’t have iTunes.

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