What Chinese smartphone makers Apple and Samsung better?

The market of Chinese smartphones though and is now in slight decline, but is still the fastest growing in the world. If the earlier phones of Chinese manufacturers bought only because there was not enough funds to purchase higher-quality solutions, today everything is different. Chinese manufacturers for product quality stood on the same level with the others.

For example, the flagship Huawei in no way inferior to the flagships of Samsung or Apple. The problem with Chinese products, in my opinion, the software that because of the low price of phones, brands can’t improve. MIUI quality compares to the Samsung Experience, for example. But what exactly Chinese manufacturers better?

Fast charging

Apple and Samsung don’t put quick charging in the sets to smartphones. Companies earn a lot of money accessories. However, Huawei Mate 20 Pro 6T OnePlus or Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in a set have quick charging. The latter two are significantly cheaper.

The case and protective glass

Most Chinese smartphones the set comes with silicone case (some even with mounted protective glass or film). Yes, it costs a little money, but the attention, which is nice. By the way, Apple sells a smart cover separately for 3549 rubles. Amazing, isn’t it?

Wireless charging

In the box with the Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix, consumers will find more and wireless charging. Apple on the official site sells these for 6-7 thousand rubles, and Samsung for 5 thousand rubles. Thus, only charging and Apple takes the user about 10 thousand rubles.


Chinese manufacturers more serious approach to the autonomy of its products. Almost all smartphones from China have excellent indicators of autonomy, what can be said about smartphones, Apple and Samsung, if not to take into account Note 9.


Chinese phones much cheaper than Samsung and Apple smartphones in various price categories. For many, this criterion is still the only choice machine.

And what are the superiority of the Chinese, we forgot to list? Share your opinion below and subscribe us via Telegram.


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