What can you do with an old junk smartphone

Imagine the situation: you bought a new smartphone. But what to do with your old gadget? My mother\brother\grandma? And if all family are endowed by phones or “don’t need your junk”? You can try to sell the phone on one of the virtual sites. But you can give it a second life. Today we will tell you about the most, in our opinion, interesting uses for your old smartphone.

Some of the options require you to install third-party applications, but to understand them is not difficult, so it should be simple and clear.

Use your smartphone as an alarm clock

Perhaps the most obvious option is the use of old phone is to use it as night clock and alarm. In combination with a docking station you will get quite a nice combination that will fit into almost any interior. In addition, you can also set more advanced versions of alarms, who knows how many things that are inaccessible to the built-in app.

Install Timeley Alarm Clock
To set a cyclic Alarm clock with alarms and calendar

Use your smartphone to work with Google Home

Let’s move on to a more complex project. First, make sure your smartphone supports voice input and it works a loudspeaker with a microphone. Also your phone needs to have access to Google Assistant. If he is unavailable, you can use your old smartphone for Google Home.

Also you will need a column that you want to connect to the smartphone, and the gadget must be connected to a power source. If all conditions are met, the “collect” system and use Google Home by saying “OK Google”.

Use smartphone as surveillance camera

In the app store there are lots of programs for your smartphone can work in a mode of a surveillance camera. We consider only one IP Webcam. The transmitted video stream can be easily viewed from a web browser on any device. Of course, you’ll need a stable Wi-Fi and connecting the device to the outlet.

As a slight modification of this method: your smartphone can use smartphone as baby monitors for your little child was always in sight and you could see and hear everything that happens in the nursery. The program can be downloaded at this link.

Use the smartphone as a MP3 player

Even in the era of streaming services, MP3 files are the most important format for listening to music on your smartphone. If your old smartphone has a high-quality audio output, you can use it as mp3 player. In addition, Android has a wide range of music players and you can even sync your iTunes library with Android if you want.

Turn your Android smartphone into a file storage

If you want to create a backup of important data, but do not trust cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, you can use your old smartphone as a remote server. There are a whole bunch of programs in the vast virtual store from the search giant. We will present only some of them. Certainly, you will find something you like.

To Install Servers Ultimate
To Install Ftp Server
To Install WebDAV Server

Your Android smartphone is a USB modem or hotspot Wi-Fi

You travel frequently and want to grant other devices access to the Internet? Do not discharge your primary smartphone. Instead, use your old gadget as an access point to the Internet. You can configure the access point Wi-Fi in System preferences, under Wi-Fi.

Use your smartphone as a remote control

If you have an old phone, you can use it as a regular remote control, leaving it next to the TV in your home.

You can use it to control iTunes or the whole desktop. There is a good app to manage DVD or Blu-Ray players and so on. Turn your old phone into a universal remote control.

Set Retune
Install Unified Remote
Install PowerDVD Remote
Install Yatse: Kodi remote control and cast

What are the uses for an old smartphone you know? Share them in our chat in Telegram.

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